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!!> Download ➾ Louise the Big Cheese and the La-di-da Shoes ➹ Author Elise Primavera – Bogou.us

Louise the Big Cheese and the La-di-da ShoesThere S Nothing Like A Pair Of Sparkly, Shiny, And Pretty La Di Da Shoes To Bring Out The Big Cheese In A Girl But Louise S Mother Doesn T Quite See It That Way Instead Louise Has To Wear The Dull And Drab Brown Tie Shoes She Has Worn For Years They Are Practical, Louise S Mother Says They Are Better In The Rain, The Shoe Salesman Says It Doesn T Matter That Louise Doesn T See It That Way Then Louise S Best Friend Fern Comes To School With Shiny New Patent Leather Shoes From Paris With Sparkles On The Toes Are The Bonds Of Friendship Greater Than Shoe Envy Only Louise Can Say

!!> Download ➾ Louise the Big Cheese and the La-di-da Shoes ➹ Author Elise Primavera – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Louise the Big Cheese and the La-di-da Shoes
  • Elise Primavera
  • English
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9781416971818

    10 thoughts on “!!> Download ➾ Louise the Big Cheese and the La-di-da Shoes ➹ Author Elise Primavera – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    My Courtney 5 knows that shoes make the mood.

  2. says:

    Louise hates her squeaky, rubber soled, plain brown shoes She wants black, shiny, patent leather pumps with sparkles on the toes la di da shoes When her mother says it s time to buy new shoes, she s so excited Imagine her despair when mother picks out little brown laced shoes with sticky rubber soles The best part of this book for me was the comical speech bubbles coming from Louise s dog, PeeWee, and the realistically sarcastic comment...

  3. says:

    so, so cute this is a great read to book good pictures, great characters, and me and sis have had this argument about shoes, so this was timely but just the right amount of words and movement to keep my 5 year old engaged we will seek out others of this line.

  4. says:

    An elementary and up picture book about a young girl who loves to be fancy and desires a new pair of fancy shoes What will she do when her mother says no but her best friends gets a pair

  5. says:

    The Big Cheese is as close to a pet peeve of mine as something can get without actually being one I just hate the term And I don t even know why I groaned to myself when Julia brought this to me But, like any awesome Mommy, I decided I d read what she wanted me to read and not deprive her because of my own weird nuances The illustrations are great, very purpley, very hearty, very girly overall In short, Louise wants new patent leather shoes Shoes that don t squeak, shows that look like they belong to an it girl, which Louise desperately wants to be and daydreams about the entire story through.Her dreams are crushed when her Mother goes for sensible instead of la di da as Louise wishes La di da is damn close to sitting next to the big cheese on Eva s pet peeve list by the way When Louise goes to school the day after the infamous shoe shopping trip she finds that her friend, Fern, had gotten the shoes that Louise herself needed Not only that but in school Fern wows her classmates with tales of weekend trips to Paris and fashion shows Louise gets so agitated that she and Fern keep at each other until time outs are dished out by the teacher.At the end of the da...

  6. says:

    Louise Cheese longs for a pair of black patent leather shoes with sparkles on the toes When her mother takes her shopping, she sees a chance to buy shiny new shoes Her mother insists on a pair of squeaky brown comfortable shoes When she arrives at school, he dear friend Fern incites jealousy with her pair of black patent leather shoes with sparkles on the toes At the end of the day, Fern s aching feet lead Louise to switch shoes with her The pair walk home together and Louise sees the value of her squeaky brown comfortable shoes The book features heavy text on each page in addition to the speech bubbles Young children may not identify with Louise s jealousy of Fern s new shoes The book may be suitable for children in primary school experiencing peer pres...

  7. says:

    Not a new story, but entertaining Louise wants fancy new shoes, but her mother buys her some ugly useful new ones The next day, her best friend has the new shoes and the girls fight Inevitably, her friend gets blisters and her feet really hurt So Louise s mother is right in the end Frankly, some day, I d like to see a story where the mother is not vindicated, where the child really feels bad about her new shoes, and how sh...

  8. says:

    I thought this was a fantastic book about the fanciful world of a young child her expectations, desires, frustrations, and the reality that she experiences, a reality which is often less glamorous than she imagined Our girls loved the story and I cheered when Louise learns that Mom, with her...

  9. says:

    Watch out Fancy Nancy, a new dress up diva is in town Louise is dealing with the trauma of wearing squeaky brown shoes In the end she learns an important lesson about practical footwear I would also like...

  10. says:

    Read this with my two little boys They thought it was pretty funny I altered the questionnaire at the end for boys vs girls to answer They both chose a princess that could cook over one that is cute or has a good personality That s pretty practical consider...

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