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BOOKS ✸ Pan Author Knut Hamsun – Bogou.us

PanHandlingen Foreg R I Nordland, P Handelsstedet Sirilund Hit Kommer L Ytnant Glahn I 1855, Og Sl R Seg Ned I En Hytte Som Jeger Og Naturdyrker Hamsun Skildrer Sterke F Lelser Av Samh Righet Mellom Menneske Og Natur Men Thomas Glahn Er En Svermer Med Sterke Dr Mmer Og Fantasier Etter M Tet Med Macks Datter Edvarda, Makter Han Ikke Falle Til Ro Igjen Pan 1894 Var Fra Hamsuns Side Planlagt Som En Liten Bok Med F Mennesker Og Megen Sjel En Stille Og R D Kj Rlighetshistorie Uten Polemikk Der Hvert Kapittel Skulle V Re Som Et Dikt Bokens Hovedpersoner Er Den Tilreisende Jeger L Ytnant Thomas Glahn Og Datteren Til Den Lokale Handelsmannen Mack, Edvarda Men I Tillegg Til Romme Nordnorske Milj Skildinger Og En Kj Rlighetshistorie, Er Romanen En Lyrisk Studie Av Natur Og Menneskesinn Hele Verket D Nner Av Mystikk Og Spenning , For Sitere Hamsun Selv.

BOOKS ✸ Pan Author Knut Hamsun – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 191 pages
  • Pan
  • Knut Hamsun
  • Norwegian
  • 10 September 2017
  • 9788252501674

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    I went into the caf and sat down in the corner I prefer to sit there I took out my book and opened it After a while, I looked up and saw that one of the waitresses was standing behind me I realised she had been there for some time She was a pretty brunette who looked about twenty Excuse me, I said I didn t notice you That s okay, she replied and laughed I didn t want to disturb you What s that you ve got there Pan, I said By Knut Hamsun And you can read it she said What language is it in I suppose Norwegian, I said Or maybe Danish You can t tell the difference she said and raised her eyebrows I expressed myself badly, I said They were almost the same language in 1894 At least in novels But you can read it she asked again Quite easily, I said If I guess a few words It s very beautiful He has a unique way of writing I wanted to tell her about Hamsun s style, but she interrupted me So what are you doing later today she asked Finishing this book, I said I like to read a lot She was standing too close to me I shifted my position and stretched out my hand, knocking over a glass of water I m terribly sorry, I said I was so embarrassed by my clumsiness that tears almost came into my eyes It doesn t matter, she told me She fetched a rag and mopped up the mess...

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    First published in 1894, Pan is an early example of the influence of psychology upon literature certainly early for Scandinavian writers The book is translated from the Norwegian For the author this emphasis on psychology is very deliberate Hamsun wrote to a friend and critic about his best known book, Hunger 1890 , If we add it up, I don t think you d find psychical emotions in Raskolnikov than in my book In Hamsun s case psychology shows up primarily as impulsiveness for reasons unknown to the actor First, shortly after she has met the main character, the girl kisses him full on the lips in front of all the church ladies at a picnic that raises eyebrows in a small village in mid 1800 s Norway Although a 28 year old man having an interest in a 15 year old girl was apparently ok back then, even to her father, who encouraged the relationship Later in the book we learn she lies about her age and may be older At another community event, two boats full of people are rowing back from another picnic on an island and he impulsively grabs her shoe and throws it into the water He has no idea why he did this Later, alone in his cabin, he impulsively shoots himself in the foot She, in a fury for no obvious reason, tramples on a brooch another suitor had given her Later he detonates an explosion that dislodges a huge rock, overturning a boat that results in someone s death There are two murders in the book disguised as accidents The oth...

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    I love a dream of love I once had, I love you, and I love this patch of earth And which do you love best The dream.With his succinct 1894 novel, Pan, Knut Hamsun once again displays his prowess of capturing the human psychology and detailing the internal conflicts that arise through the sudden rise and fall of moods Through Glahn, the capricious man who has taken up residence within the northern wilderness and the socialite Edvarda, Hamsun demonstrates how even the slightest romantic collision of two souls can create a spark whose burn is felt long after the romance has begun to smolder The irrationalities that exist in such a torrid affair between man and woman come alive in his prose and fiery dialogue as the reader experiences the pains and paranoia of chasing after an elusive lover.Appearing in print only two years after Mysteries, an incredible account of an irrational stranger much like Glahn and my favorite of his books , Hamsun appears much matured, confidant and focused in his writi...

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    Writing of his new novel in a letter from Paris, in 1893, Knut Hamsun noted, My new book will be beautiful it takes place in Nordland, a quiet and red love story There will be no polemics in it, just people under different skies He did indeed live up to his letter, it s precisely that.The Scandinavian wilderness comes alive so vividly, and there is something in the narrative that almost makes it read like a mystical fable, or even a dream within a dream Set deep in the forests of Norway, it follows Lt Glahn in a deeply psychological form as he struggles to juggle his unity with nature and the feelings and experiences that defines humanity Told in the first person he comes across as a figure of immense complexity Enigmatic, intriguing, and carrying within him a deep melancholy First off, I loved the straightforward narration, it s lyrical and beautifully told, sometimes in the present tense, sometimes contemplative and poetic The story is breathtaking in its simplicity , but also strangely compelling, and so effective Like Hamsun s words are growing from tiny seeds sewn into the earth, leaving a trail on the forest floor for the reader to follow.Glahn is a hunter who with his dog, lives in a small hut bur...

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    As if you needed to revisit it, friends, yet here it is Hamsun s excruciatingly true to life depiction of the exaltation and despair of young love In his later years, the novelist Anthony Burgess had a pat blurb for certain novels he liked Of them he would say Almost unbearably moving That blurb applies perfectly to Pan This novella is so emotionally affecting It is so on the money The reader goes through the entire exhausting emotional cycle here From initial lusting, to growing interest, to first titallations of physical contact, to record breaking Olympic coitus, to a sense of routine and boredom, to the first bickerings of leave taking, to heartbreak, heartbreak, heartbreak and yearning that only makes one s suffering worse The novella is mercifully short 120 pages I simply can t imagine 300 pages of this It s brilliance lies in how it neatly crystallizes the entire range of emotions experienced in erotic love affairs The magnificent heights of lovemaking, the impossible megalomania of it all, to the lowest lows That it s set in northern Norway and narrated by a man who lives in a bucolic setting with his hunting dog, all that s interesting too The man, Lt Glahn, records his trips into the woods to hunt There s beaut...

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    Pan, Knut HamsunCharacters Thomas Glahn, Edvarda 2010 1388 242 9789647703598

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    Zbog novoste enog straha od debelih knjiga, do lo mi je da ugrabim sebi najbli u knjigu ispod dvesta stranica na polici i da je pro itam, kako bih istrebio ispite to su se zavukli ispod noktiju Najbli i je bio Pan, na sre u.Samo ima ka e, jel, Pan je centralni motiv ovog izuzetnog romana novele Bog prirode, dru benik nimfi deli mnogo vi e sa glavnim likom romana, Glanom, od proste zvu nosti imena I jedan i drugi su okru eni devojkama, i jedan i drugi preferiraju samo u prirode od ljudi, i jedan i drugi su druga iji od ostalih Pan je faun, a Glan je ova to na skupove ide sa pu kom pod rukom, pandan savremenom namrgodjenom tipu to ide na urke i gleda koga e pre da bije, ledjima uvek naslonjenih o zid najbli i izlazu Medjutim, Glan, za razliku od njegovog modernog duplikata, duboko je ose ajna li nost, pun tuge i eljan ljubavi toliko da je rasipa na sve strane I kako to obi no biva, tr...

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    A hist ria se passa num vilarejo da Noruega no ano de 1850.O personagem principal um ex tenente chamado Glahn, que vive com seu c o Esopo ,como um eremita em uma cabana numa floresta pr xima ao vilarejo Glahn vive da ca a e da pesca e em perfeita harmonia com a natureza H passagens lindas com descri es da natureza, dos p ssaros , das rvores.Glahn se envolve com a bipolar Eduarda , bem como com Eva uma simples trabalhadora , explorada pelo marido Em sua rela o com Eduarda ambos se ferem por causa do orgulho e do ego smo H no caso tamb m uma quest o de status social Glahn um simples tenente enquanto Eduarda filha de um dos homens mais ricos da regi o Em sua rela o com Eva permanece a simplicidade , o apenas admirar, o apenas gostar de se passar um tempo juntos.Glahn se sente muito bem quando se encontra junto natureza ,em sua simples cabana , pescando, observando o mar Mas no seu conv vi...

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    Give me your peace and your understanding . .

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