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➶ Left in the Dark Free ➬ Author Graham Gynn – Bogou.us

Left in the DarkThis Is A Totally New Way Of Looking At The Evolution Of The Human Brain It Is So Totally Fresh, Unexpected And Hitherto Un Thought Of That It Will Probably Take A Long Time Before Evolutionary Anthropologists And Psychologists Begin To Take It On Board But It Will Make An Impact, Of That There Is No Doubt It Will Be, It Must Be, Taken Very Seriously In Any Discussion Of Human Origins Colin Groves Professor Of Biological Anthropology At The School Of Archaeology Anthropology, Australian National University And Author Of Several Books Including A Theory Of Human And Primate Evolution And Bones, Stones And Molecules

➶ Left in the Dark Free ➬ Author Graham Gynn – Bogou.us
  • 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, black and white interior ink
  • 220 pages
  • Left in the Dark
  • Graham Gynn
  • English
  • 27 December 2017
  • 9780955678400

    10 thoughts on “➶ Left in the Dark Free ➬ Author Graham Gynn – Bogou.us

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    Having seen an overview of the claims, I expected little from this book but I was hopeful that it could at least be mind candy in the same sense that I enjoyed tremendously reading Jayne s _Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind_ But having finished reading it, I m disappointed It s not fit to shine Jaynes s boot buckle while Jaynes s theory has serious problems explaining where bicameralism went, worldwide, and other chronological problems, for starters , it at least was an elegant theory that fit a great many facts Wright and his co author, on the other hand, is chock full of anecdotes better ping pong playing and relaxation playing with your left hand really data seems misrepresented I did not recognize his description of the peg data in the sleep deprivation experiment with the actual graph dismissal of possibilities as implausible which are perfectly plausible the claim that testosterone can t damage one hemisphere and help the other comes to mind, as does the claim that there are no plausible evolutionary theories for evolving handedness actually, there s a very elegant competition explanation which anyone who has done a head to head sport like ping pong or fencing could appreciate fully general c...

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    I learned a lot from this book, in particular about diet and human physiology It presents a fascinating theory that our ancestors where specialized fruit eaters, but separation from this food source around 200,000 years ago had a harmful effect on body chemistry The research makes a compelling argument that the post separation diet has caused the human brain to devolve far from its evolutionary peak Leaves you wondering what our frugivore ancestors were like beforehand perhaps their time ...

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    This is a clearly writen and well documented with an extensive bibliographies of the quoted works revelent to this exploratory book A lot of speculation and soothe saying In the end the impression I was left with, is that this was in reality a well crafted prospectise appealing for an opportunity funding for the wri...

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    I learned a lot from this book I ve learnt about the benefits of raw food and the problems with our current food habits I ve also learnt a number of fascinating facts regarding sleep, hormones, lefthandedness and neuropsychology some actually quite practical and useful knowledge for living a good and healthy life Ho...

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    Though much of the book is theoretical in stance rather than empirical or experimental, the authors provide much food for thought Definitely a candidate for interdisciplinary research frameworks.

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