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[PDF] ✅ Look! I Can Read! (All Aboard Reading) ✈ Susan Hood – Bogou.us

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[PDF] ✅ Look! I Can Read! (All Aboard Reading) ✈ Susan Hood – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Look! I Can Read! (All Aboard Reading)
  • Susan Hood
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780613260534

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ✅ Look! I Can Read! (All Aboard Reading) ✈ Susan Hood – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    In this story of a young child traveling the familiar streets of her home town, she shows her mother and people around her her growing abilities to read Each time the family passes by a street sign, restaurant, or adventuring inside her home the little girl expands her vocabulary bank by spelling out every word and using context clues to understand meanings of new words.Not only was the artwork light hearted and expository, but the book also held several interesting qualities perfect for keeping the attention of a beginning reader The illustrations were had a warm color scheme, but pared with a mixed media of water colors and pencil, they were both welcoming and soothing to the eye the use of the warm colors pulled you through each page in ease, accentuating the words that were sleek and bold Transitions between the pages were done by the common and clever use of rhyme However, there was only one line of the stanza on each page, in order for the reader to recall the other words the she could read The text gained overall excitement and the discovery of new words Towards ...

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    Look I Can Read is a picture book about a young girl discovering that she is able to read the words she sees in the world around her She is able to read Milk as she sips it from a carton in a diner, and Stop as she drives in a car with her mother The book is 32 pages long, and there is only a sentence or two on each page, but it manages to chronicle a young child s journey through early literacy The young girl progresses through environmental print to letters and sounds, then being able to write her name, and finally being able to read the book.Pencil and watercolor illustrations decorate each page, and the bright colors convey some measure of the joy and growing confidence that children experience as they learn to read independently The girl protagonist in the book appears to be bi or multiracial I really appreciated this, as I think it is incredibly important for children of color to see themselves represented and represented in positive ways in the books that the...

  3. says:

    Look I Can Read by Susan Hood takes readers on a short, nostalgic journey down memory lane as she introduces an inquisitive little girl named Emily, who loves to read what seems to be almost everything around her She practices her reading and writing with her parents and by herself, whenever and wherever possible Eventually, Emily achieves an incredible goal that most children should strive to achieve as well.Although Hood is credited for this picture book, we should not forget to commend Amy Wummer for her colorful, warm illustrations that are vibrant and reminds the audience of moments when they would read simple words like the ones Hood uses in the book There seems to be movement and moments of whimsicality throughout the book because the art is not confined to being boxed inside borders Wummer s art caught my eye at first and it complements the text quite nicely as it provides visual context for beginning readers learning new words, reviewing old words, and being introduced to longer sentence structures Hood uses reasonably big font that makes it easy for young students, or anyone reading English for the first tim...

  4. says:

    Look I Can Read is a children s book about a little girl excited about what she has learned and what she still can learn The illustrations tie in very well to the text for a good bedtime story The design of the book made it simple to read one, then read again, then read again, with a lot of detail in the illustration I noticed that there was a main focus in every image, but so much to the picture than the object in focus The book starts out with the little girl showing her mom what she can read in everyday life situations, and in this part, I noticed the detail of the pictures the most The main mood I got from this book was wonder and excitement The main character throughout the book was either excited to share with the audience what she had learned how to do, or what she continues to learn from her mom, dad, and the entire world around her.The structure of the book at first seemed random, but after reading it a second time through I reali...

  5. says:

    I loved how encouraging this book was, Emily is just going about her everyday life, showing that reading doesn t stop at school, it continues outside of it, and it can be fun as well There is also a cute, little activity page where one can search for items, and I thought that touch was nice, and encourages children to expand on their vocabulary The book is a smooth read, and any child would be entertained following along Emily...

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    This book follows a little girl named Emily who is learning how to read Throughout the book she is pointing out words people see in day to day life She doesn t actually read a book until the end of the story This book is a cute and easy beginner book for children I liked how it was relatable to other children and they could re...

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    ATOS 0.9

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    I learned pictures help you read Jada age 7

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    Look I Can Read by Susan Hood is the story of a young adolescent girl who has just learned to read and points out things she knows she can read Her mom and dad help her with reading and as the book progresses you can see her becoming a stronger reader While in the progress of reading the book the author cleverly takes you along the journey with the girl reading the book at the same time This allows for children who are just learning to read or have just learned to read to make a connection to the girl who is also learning to read and gain confidence from her excitement with reading.By having the first few pages of the book saying phrases like I can read School and I can read STOP as well as having the picture example of the word behind it, children can identify the word with the actual object almost in a way ingraining it in their brain Hood starts the book off slow with short phrases and then as the book goes on she builds complex sentences allowing the kids reading the book to become better readers as they are going through the book The watercolor illustrations are important to work as well With the use of watercolor the illustrations are part realistic but also part cartoonish and imaginative This gives children the chance to both connect to the character but be creative at the same time Hoods book gives ...

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    Emily is a young girl who is eager to read everything in her sites Everywhere she goes she continues to expand her reading abilities with any word she sees Emily s parents encourage her to read new words and phrases and teach her tips on how to read books From bedtime stories to the grocery store Emily improves her reading skills By the end of the book Emily shows the reader that it is capable to improve her everyday from everyday practice Emily reminds me of myself as a kid and how eager I was to learn new things everyday Always trying new words or new activities to improve my skills This book is great for beginning readers because it allows the reader to receive everyday practice of sounding out words and learn basic reading techniques From the beginning of the book the reader is drawn in by this young girl who is full of happiness and pep Emily shows self determination by starting from the basic level to achiev...

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