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!!> Reading ➳ The Best American Essays 2016 ➬ Author Jonathan Franzen – Bogou.us

The Best American Essays 2016 A True Essay Is Something Hazarded, Not Definitive, Not Authoritative Something Ventured On The Basis Of The Author S Personal Experience And Subjectivity, Writes Guest Editor Jonathan Franzen In His Introduction However, His Main Criterion For Selecting The Best American Essays 2016 Was, In A Word, Risk Whether The Risks Involved Championing An Unpopular Opinion, The Possibility Of Ruining A Professional Career, Or Irrevocably Offending Family, For Franzen, The Writer Has To Be Like The Firefighter, Whose Job, While Everyone Else Is Fleeing The Flames, Is To Run Straight Into Them The Best American Essays 2016 Includes ALEXANDER CHEE, PAUL CRENSHAW, JAQUIRA D AZ, LAURA KIPNIS, AMITAVA KUMAR, SEBASTIAN JUNGER,JOYCE CAROL OATES, OLIVER SACKS, THOMAS CHATTERTON WILLIAMSand Others JONATHAN FRANZEN, Guest Editor, Is The Author Of Five Novels, Most RecentlyPurity, And Five Works Of Nonfiction And Translation, Including Farther Away And The Kraus Project He Is A Member Of The American Academy Of Arts And Letters, The German Akademie Der K Nste, And The French Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres ROBERT ATWAN, The Series Editor Of The Best American Essays Since Its Inception In 1986, Has Published On A Wide Variety Of Subjects, From American Advertising And Early Photography To Ancient Divination And Shakespeare His Criticism, Essays, Humor, Poetry, And Fiction Have Appeared In Numerous Periodicals Nationwide.

!!> Reading ➳ The Best American Essays 2016  ➬ Author Jonathan Franzen – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Best American Essays 2016
  • Jonathan Franzen
  • 26 September 2017
  • 9780544812109

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➳ The Best American Essays 2016 ➬ Author Jonathan Franzen – Bogou.us

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    Not the best volume of this series I buy without miss every year, not the worst either but on the weaker side Too much of Franzen s prissy tastes on display here, essays that are hard to read for no good reason and others that pronounce and bloviate their way through a story instead of tell it In the plus column, a number of essays by writers who work non academic day jobs a border agent, a doctor, a sexologist Do not miss any of those And Sebastian Junger s piece about PTSD as...

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    Jonathan Franzen, much like Cheryl Strayed, has a vision of the essay as an expulsion of the I.I am telling a story about my family.I am telling a story about my job.I am telling a story about my sexuality or race.Franzen further specifies he is looking for intensity and risk , and indeed some of these essays are gripping in their intensity But, like 2013, it gets repetitive I like to see essays that explore little known topics or examine some social phenomena or world events There s only so many essays you can read On My Shitty Parents before they all run together The latter essays suffer this fate There s one in the last third where a woman is writing both about the mating habits of salamanders and her attempt to adopt a child At that point, I was basically like I don t care about your familial drama, tell me about the salamanders Anyway, here s my favorites Girl by Alexander Chee Chee details his application of makeup, wig, gown in preparation for the Castro Halloween parade It s the best description on the appeal of dressing in drag I ve ever read It s beautiful Also another reminder of how wondrous the Halloween Parade apparently was...

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    These books are always about the editor than the best writing, I ve found They can be amazingly strong, as was last year s, or truly bad one a few years ago was just incessant essays about death This isin the middle Many of the essays seem to be faux edgy lookit me, using fuck yawn and the ones that are obviously chosen to push the social justice agenda disclaimer I am pro social justice but anti shoving stuff down my throat are plagued with weak writing Last year s had a number of essays about race which managed to also combine lyrical writing, fascinating structure things that made them best ESSAYS and not best polemics Most of the writing, to be honest, was disappointingly weak If these truly are the best essays that America produced in the last year, we re in trouble I expect beautiful writing in these collections, such as Solnit or Purpura or even Dillard I expect meditative writing, deep dives on insight and thought, and a valuation of language Instead, this collection veers to the confessional, the sloppy confessional, without the art or lyricism in words Thin Places is possibly the best exa...

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    This read was like the very best smorgasbord There were familiar dishes, challenging flavors, things you never would have thought to mix together but that served up an amazing creation salamanders and adoption you have to read it , and even the desserts were nutritious The essays are presented alphabetically by author s last name which makes the ordering random, and yet wonderful juxtapositions can occur The best is at the very end, with the one two three punch of George Steiner s The Eleventh Commandment , Mason Stokes s Namesake , and Thomas Chatterton Williams s Black and Blue and Blond You can chew on the meaning of identity, belonging, love, exclusion, violence, and God for a long, long time with just those three If you read nothing but these three essays, it would be worth the price of the volume, and that is saying something for a volume that contains Jill Quinn s Big Night the aforementioned salamanders and adoption entry , Justin Ree...

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    What we have here is virtue signaling and identity politics par excellence Only a couple of these essays cross the line into the land of interesting I can t believe these are the best American essays of 2016, but, if they are, we are in trouble.

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    My favorites were the stigma busting Sexual Paranoia by Laura Kipnis and Namesake by Mason Stokes I also liked My Father and the Wine by Irina Dumitrescu Now and then I click a link to find out what the hipsters are up to.

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    I am currently reading The Best American Essays 2016, edited by Jonathan Franzen As apart of my AP Language and Composition course we began by annotating and discussing Bajadas, where Francisco Cant shares his experiences of being a border patrol officer on the Mexican border I found Cant s essay to be intriguing as his 20 detailed journal entries engaged the audience, giving us a real sense of what he had to battle both mentality and physically I found his entries to be puzzling as it was interestingly written in diary format From those entries I am curious to know if there was some type of symbolism in the way that he includes a full year of his duties It seems to be strategic in the way that he expresses his feelings and emotions toward the job through two passages of sharing Christmas with his mom before and after he had gotten into routine From these notes I have come to question what the purpose of this essa...

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    During my AP Language and Composition course, my class was asked to read Bajadas and follow up with a review on it I have read countless essays throughout my education time period but I have yet to read an essay as intriguing and different than this one The main character, Francisco Cant , embarks on a internal fight with himself serving as a border agent in a very dangerous field of work The major difference with this essay was how he used his writing in a journal style format, with a large paragraph for each experience he has for that day There are several pieces of this essay that are left in the dark and the readers are faced with imagining what point it is that Cant is trying to get across It seems as if he is fighting with himself over a bigger problem or conflict while continuing to carry out his everyday job After reading the essay, it seems like its not even an essay and that makes me question why this piece was written Was it...

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    Although I have only read the first essay of this book, Bajadas, for my AP Language and Composition class, I can tell I am going to enjoy this collection of essays In this piece by Cant , he describes his experience of being a border cop in the academy and once he has graduated, through a series of journal entries The way in which he told this story had a great effect on its message The journal entries made the story seem personal and honest Throughout this essay, Cant s perspective and attitude toward his job fluctuates In the beginning of the story, he convinces his mother that he enjoys his work because he gets to be outdoors and help people However, after experiencing and creating a connection with some of those he would later deport, Cant ponders whether he is helping or hurting I don t believe this moral dilemma would have appeared as...

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    BAEs 2013 2016 have all been of similar high quality Most of the selections are strong and thought provoking, if not exactly ones I d read again According to my checkmark system 1 for good essays, 2 for great, 3 for mindblowing , this volume contains 9 pieces I d happily revisit 1 CheckmarkFrancisco Cant s Bajadas Alexander Chee s Girl Ela Harrison s My Heart Lies Between The Fleet and All the Ships Sebastian Junger s The Bonds of Battle Lee Martin s Bastards Lisa Nikolidakis s Family Tradition Mason Stokes s Namesake 2 CheckmarksPaul Crenshaw s Names Crenshaw s essay is a fun, compact, evocative examination of what soldiers call each other and how these nicknames articulate affection and fear.Overall, this BAE contains a well chosen array of topics, tones, and styles While Jonathan Franzen tends to be a polarizing literary figure, I have always respected his nonfiction His intro identifies risk as one of the qualities he observed...

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