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[[ Read ]] ➯ キチク、エンカウント Author Owaru – Bogou.us

キチク、エンカウントSE 25 AV DT DT There Is A 25 Year Old, Hard Working Salaryman Named Satou Hajime After Pulling An All Nighter And Taking The Early Train Home, He Overhears Someone Watching A Porn Video On The Train, Giving Him A Stiffy Thinking That It Was Some Perverted Virgin Listening To It, He S Surprised To Find A Hottie To Apologize For The Trouble He S Caused, The Hottie Takes Care Of Him Will Mr Virgin Lose His Virginity

    10 thoughts on “[[ Read ]] ➯ キチク、エンカウント Author Owaru – Bogou.us

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    No me gusta c mo empieza pero si c mo acaba.

  2. says:

    The main story started with a rape and I didnt like it, but the end was good.Said that, there was too much sex btw wtf he seems Aomine XD The oneshot had an absurd plot , but was ok.Sigh.

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    Un manga smut che non mi ha lasciato niente, a parte infatti lo stile della mangaka, molto curato e pulito, la storia non mi ha emozionato e tutta la trama non altri che un escamotage per giustificare le scene di sesso presenti nel volume Non c spazio per altro, la caratterizzazione dei protagonisti quasi inesistente e tutto si riduce al solito clich di Satou, protagonista uke timido, etero e imbranato e di Chihiro, seme maniaco, stronzo e sempre pronto a molestare il partner ma ovviamente con il cuore tenero perch con una famiglia brutta e cattiva alle spalle, cose gi viste e gi sentite a cui non viene aggiunto alcun background personale, si accenna appena alla vita di Chihiro, del suo dramma familiare giusto per farcelo sembrare meno pazzo e maniaco e spingere il lettore ad empatizzare con lui, giustificando cos il suo comportamento da stronzo e le sue violenze senza senso ai danni del compagno Come per molti altri manga smut anche qui presente il non con che fin da subito rende la vicenda molesta, vedere alle solite il povero protagonista ricattato e vittima del maniaco di turno, costretto a fare sesso contro la sua volont pur di non subire ritorsioni ed essere umiliato triste e questa scelta ha smorzato tutto l erotismo di alcune scene disegnate molto bene rendendole parecchio squallide Non mi piaciuto i...

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    The seme is kind of a jerk dub con he is always dragging the poor uke, harrasing him, and taking advantage of the uke s admiration for this gravure idol porn actress Chihiro s the seme little brother is there to make him human, and there is the typical chapter where the uke is sick and Chihiro takes care of him ok, I admit that was cute.There is also a bit oF BDSM, when Chihiro makes the uke ugh I forgot his name to take the vibrator, and the extra chapter has a bit of it as well the extra chapter was a bit MEH.The art is lovely. very beautiful I did not like the seme so much he is too pushy certainly The Devil, as the uke likes to call him , but the uke was so cute He made me laugh several times, and i also felt sorry for him a couple of times although he wasn t a weepy boy Only that I am pissed that Chihiro is a sex worker, and remains so How come He is rich, he doesn t need money, and he has the uke, who is the cutest thing ever But no, even after t...

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    Dans ce one shot, on suit Hajime, jeune homme fr le, na f, vierge, coinc et vivant ses fantasmes sur une actrice porno dont il fait sa d esse, au sein de son entreprise Il se fait souvent avoir par ses coll gues qui l exploitent tout le temps, se retrouvant faire des heures sup n en plus finir.Un jour, il rencontre, dans un train, Chihiro, jeune homme au physique compl tement oppos lui grand, baraqu , bourr de sex appeal.Cette rencontre va l entra ner dans une aventure un peu folle sexuellement surtout pour lui qui est puceau d o il va essayer co t que co t de se sortir Mais c est sans compter sur Chihiro qui va tout faire pour profiter du corps d Hajime.Bien qu Hajime s insurge contre les pratiques peu orthodoxes de Chihiro, il finit par d couvrir que ce dernier est un jeune homme sensible, avec des tas de soucis bien qu il ne veuille pas les montrer et petit petit, sa carapace va se fendiller.Ce qui d bute comme une histoire d attraction physique tr s physique avec du sexe, des gadgets, et des tas de positions scabreuses finit en jolie histoire d amour.C est le second manga de cette auteure que je vous fais ...

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    TW Viol encore , relation par chantageParfois, cette collection m exasp re Toutes ces relations qui commencent par un viol avant que le h ros ne se rende compte qu il aime a sont toxiques S rieux.Cette histoire l poss de tous les clich s du genre et dans l ensemble assez...

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    Don t let the cover fool you It s a comedy.

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    Not much of a plot but this was kind of funny I was a bit disappointed the story ended so abruptly Would ve required one chapter to end the story somewhat well.

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    Note to self when it comes to this publisher, make sure to read a preview before ordering, no matter how great the reviews make it sound I m just not a big fan of those high tension smut manga reading them really exhausts me Basically the one thing this manga had going for it was the fact that the seme looked like Aomine from Kuroko no Basket There is no way this was a coincidence he even behaved like him Now, if the other character had been a certain redhead and the sex a littl...

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    Owaru sensee knows what I need

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