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★ Un Entierro y Mil Recuerdos PDF / Epub ✪ Author César Orihuela – Bogou.us

Un Entierro y Mil RecuerdosEstela Has Lost Her Child To Endure The Loss, She Writes A Diary As She Tries To Survive A Decaying Marriage Her Stubborn Husband, Trapped In Mid XIX Century Mexican Ideology, Keeps Blaming Her For The Past Tragic Events But Estela Has Discovered Something That Inhabits The House With Them, And Is Slowly Driving Them Into Madness Fifty Years Later, Esteban, A Miserable Old Man, Finds A Mysterious Diary Hidden In His House As He Reads The Diary, He Gets Convinced That His Life Is Destined To Be Part Of It In 2012, Marcela, Wishes To Recover The Property Rights Of The House She S Looking For A Place To Develop Her Career In Mexico City And That House Seems Like The Perfect Place A Strange Man Has Been Wandering Around The House Since Marcela And Her Husband Xavier Arrived The Encounter Of Marcela And The Man Will Reveal The Purpose Of That Which Inhabits The House There Is Something That Manifests Itself In The Minds Of Men Its Works Are Dark And Silent, And It Will Not Let That Human Beings Escape Easily From Its Grasp This Story Is A Testament Of Their Existence.

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    Un entierro y mil recuerdos es una obra de ficci n filos fica que busca revisitar el significado b sico del arte, que es transmitir un mensaje a nuestros s miles sobre el estado actual de la sociedad.Mediante la historia de ficci n y los personajes que plantea la obra, se invita allector a reflexionar sobre los valores que deben conformar un hogar A trav s de las emociones de los personajes, de entre las cuales predominan la ansiedady depresi n, se pretende que el lector identifique dichos estados del ser Siendo la ansiedad y la depresi n los s ntomas emergentes de una sociedad cada vez m s enferma Enferma por la desvalorizaci n de los principios ticos y la negligencia de la moral por nuestra sociedad consumista que ha dado m s valora los bienes materiales que al ser humano.Un entierro y mil recuerdos intenta persuadir al lector a que salga de dichos estados mentales y que busque limpiar supropia casa, la cual es nuestro cuerpo ...

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    A burial and a thousand memories is a philosophical novel that attempts to revisit the basic meaning of art, which is to transmit a message to our similes about the current state of society.Through the fiction and the characters that are presented in the book, the reader is invited to question the values of our current society The character emotions, which are dark and filled with depression and anxiety, are to be identified by the reader as states of being Depression and anxiety are the natural symptoms of a mentally ill society Ill because of the rise of a self neglecting man that prefers to be bored with useless media, rather than finding the meaning of the self.A burial and a thousand memories pretends to leave a message avoid mental corruption Seek to find and clean you own house, which is your mind, bef...

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