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[PDF] ↠ Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery, #1) Author Tamar Myers – Bogou.us

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery, #1)An Amish Bed And Breakfast Mystery With Recipes PennDutch Mysteries 1Readers Will Delight In This Laugh Out Loud Cozy Mystery Debut And Relish The Country Cooking Recipes Included.This Debut Mystery Introduces Magdalena Yoder, Prim, Proper, And Persnickety Proprietor Of The PennDutch Inn, Where Guests Luxuriate In The True Amish Experience, Read Doing Magdalena S Chores And Paying Top Dollar For The Opportunity.When One Of Her Reclusive Guests Takes A Tumble Down The PennDutch S Picturesquely Steep Staircase And Breaks His Neck, The Timing Couldn T Be Worse It S The Start Of Hunting Season And Her Inn Is Packed To Capacity What At First Seems To Be A Horrible Accident And Insurance Nightmare For Magdalena Could Turn Out To Be A Much Sinister Event And When Another Mishap Occurs, Magdalena Is Certain There Is A Killer In Her Group And It S Up To Her To Sniff Out The Culprit Before The World S Most Incompetent Town Sheriff Throws Her In Jail Bubbling Over With Mirth And Mystery Dorothy CannellA Delicious Treat Carolyn G Hart

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    Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth by Tamar Myers is a 1995 publication This is the first book in the Pennsylvania Dutch series which now has twenty books to its credit With the help of Hoopla, my local library and Playster, I am now able to piece together long running series and binge read them So, as I begin 2016, one of my reading goals is to finish at least one series, from start to finish I am working on the Sue Grafton series as well, but since I have never read any of these, I will work this series in as well Magdalena Yoder is a Mennonite and the proprietor of the PennDutch Inn When she welcomes a Politian and his wife in the peak of deer hunting season, amidst a group of animal rights activist, tensions begin to run very high for the quaint family farming community When one of the guest is found dead, it s not immediately clear if it was an accident or murder, se...

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    Meet Magdalena Yoder She s a cranky forty something Menonite Amish with electricity who runs the Penn Dutch Inn where, for exorbitant amounts of money, you can experience real Amish life you clean your own room, cook your own meals and generally run the place for Magdalena.It s the beginning of hunting season in Pennsylvania and that means The Penn Dutch is at maximum capacity We ve got a Congressman and his entourage looking to score a buck But, we ve also got a contingent from a militant animal rights group determined to expose and shame the Congressman for his activities Then, of course, someone dies.I didn t vehemently dislike this, in fact for the first couple of chapters I actually thought I d hit upon a new series of cozies that would be perfect for nights being bundled on the couch with a mug of tea the proscribed manner in which cozies must be read Alas Magdalena with her holier than thou attitude and permanent sour grapes scowl directed at everyone she encounters coupled with her determination to make as much money as possible without actually working makes her one of the least likable amateur sleuths I ve seen in awhile With a character like this its imp...

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    It has been quite a while since I ve read this author and this particular series, so I decided that I should try it again I am so glad I did I had forgotten what a fun read these books are., I particularly love the irreverent humor and how the author even had the audacity to use herself as an unseen character and to make fun of her The story is, in my opinion, a little complicated than it seems to be on the surface There are lots of red herrings, but the truth is quite subtly woven into the fabric of the story.Many readers may not enjoy the character of Magdalena Yoder, who owns the Mennonite inn Her thought process is like a big city shark than a simple ...

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    To begin with I really don t understand how someone can give this a one star rating I absolutely loved the book I enjoyed the characters some than others, of course Magdalena the innkeeper was enjoyable to me Although Mennonite she wasn t afraid to look outside the box and see that some changes needed to be made when her parents died Thus the inn came into being I have to admit that I had an idea who was responsible f...

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    A gift from a friend, I started this book immediately upon completing the Taylor book Why is this series so popular I find none of the characters even remotely likable and the whole Mennonite austerity, self righteousness, and sanctimony is almost than I can bear Not sure if I ll be able to make if through this one, but it will cert...

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    This is the first in a series of an Amish woman that sets up her home as a BB in Pennsylvania after her parents die She offers the AML Amish Living Plan which is where each person cleans up after themselves She does offer all meals as well for a fee.After a great review the BB is always booked Around rolls hunting season and she is booked once again with a lively group A senator and his wife and various members of a animal rights group trying to ...

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    This book is not my style and I couldn t stand it from the first page.

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    I was really looking forward to this one The characters didn t draw me in and fully engage me.

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    Too Many Crooks Spoil The Broth is the first book in the Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series Be proud I m reading this series in order Before I review this book, I have to say, if you are knowledgeable of the Amish or Mennonite culture, you might want to pass on this series, cos Tamar seemed to be getting her religions muddled from time to time.If you can get passed that, this is a hilarious start to a series Magdalena is such a squirrelly woman It is absolutely hard to believe she runs a B B She really doesn t come across as a people person, especially as she is worried about the law suits that might be filed than the two people that end up dead in her B B I ve always found that the first books in cozy mystery series spend a lot of time introducing you to the secondary characters, and this book is no exception We meet Magdalena s lazy sister, Savannah, who also gets around with men and Mose and Freni, the Amish couple that take care of the animals and do the cooking Freni quits or is fired at least 20 times in the book.These characters really bring the humor to this book The mystery, is a bit slow, with the first dead body coming at almost the halfway point in the novel However, I didn t really find the pacing slow I liked getting to know the characters in Hernia, PA.The other thing I ...

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    A funny perhaps slightly irreverent mystery about deaths spoiler there are two at a Pennsylvania Amish inn frequented by the well to do hunting for an authentic Amish experience The characters in this cozy mystery are well developed and likeable despite their flaws The plot, while not a...

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