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[PDF] ↠ The Clockwork Dagger Author Beth Cato – Bogou.us

The Clockwork DaggerFull Of Magic, Mystery, And Romance, An Enchanting Steampunk Fantasy Debut In The Bestselling Vein Of Trudi Canavan And Gail Carriger.Orphaned As A Child, Octavia Leander Was Doomed To Grow Up On The Streets Until Miss Percival Saved Her And Taught Her To Become A Medician Gifted With Incredible Powers, The Young Healer Is About To Embark On Her First Mission, Visiting Suffering Cities In The Far Reaches Of The War Scarred Realm But The Airship On Which She Is Traveling Is Plagued By A Series Of Strange And Disturbing Occurrences, Including Murder, And Octavia Herself Is Threatened.Suddenly, She Is Caught Up In A Flurry Of Intrigue The Dashingly Attractive Steward May Be One Of The Infamous Clockwork Daggers The Queen S Spies And Assassins And Her Cabin Mate Harbors Disturbing Secrets But The Danger Is Only Beginning, For Octavia Discovers That The Deadly Conspiracy Aboard The Airship May Reach The Crown Itself.

[PDF] ↠ The Clockwork Dagger Author Beth Cato – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • The Clockwork Dagger
  • Beth Cato
  • 08 May 2018
  • 9780062313843

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    Octavia Leander is a gifted medician, so upon leaving school, she boards a dirigible for parts unfamiliar, where a terrible epidemic is reported to be raging But sometimes the journey is what matters, and that s the case here, as Octavia meets Alonzo, a handsome and perhaps overly helpful steward, and her roommate, Mrs Stout, a kindly older woman But not everyone is so nice, as Octavia discovers that there may be a plot to kill her I have to thank Orient for recommending this book to me click her name to see her glowing review This was a really enjoyable book set in a well developed world with a mixture of steampunk, religion, political intrigue, and personal entanglements that made for a fast and gripping read I ll admit that early on I rolled my eyes a bit at Octavia s Speshul Snowflake status, as she s the most powerful medician to live in just about forever, but as the story went on, that played out in interesting ways than I expected Octavia struggles with her abilities, and they contribute to some difficulties that kept the story firmly grounded in the personal even as the bigger picture of war torn nations and misguided leadership emerged I m especially intrigued by the re...

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty In theory, I should have liked everything about The Clockwork Dagger There s betrayal and political intrigue, romance and adventure The unfortunate reality is that it felt flat Cato s descriptive writing made it incredibly easy to taste the dust of the war torn world and feel the shadow from a dirigible floating overhead, yet her characters were bland and inconsistent The story takes place in a creative and comprehensive Steampunk world but the reliance on the mystical Lady for everything that happens is tiring Cato has potential but I ll pass.Opening Sentence Octavia Leander s journey to her new source of employment was to be guided by three essential rules that she hide her occupation, lest others take advantage that she be frugal with her coin and avoid any indulgences that come with newfound independence and that she shun the presence of men, as nothing useful or proper could possibly happen in their company.The Review Reading a book is a lot like meeting someone new Sometimes you hit it off right away, instantly enjoying each other s company and effortlessly forming a tight bond Other times, that connection takes a while but it does eventually form after you ve spent some time getting to know each other Then there are the it s not you...

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    In this book the author introduces an attractive main character, Octavia and a well constructed steampunk fantasy joined with some magic and political scheme The book is a well written murder mystery story It entangles spies from the eastern part of the country, spies, who were sent by the queen, a princess, who was thought to be lost, and the main character, Octavia, who realizes that she s not just a simple magical healer What I really liked is that there s an ...

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    The Clockwork Dagger, what can I say about this one There were elements that I did enjoy, but at the end of the day, I have to confess that it wasn t a notable read for me.What I really liked in this one was the magic system It was cool and I loved that it was at odds with those who believed in science and technology This was a great theme belief versus scientific fact, and I loved the contradiction of these two in Octavia s position as a medician.As a medician, Octavia has the ability to heal anyone from their hurts, to the point that she can almost bring them back from the dead The catch is that this ability is granted from the Lady

    The Lady was a woman and mother and of great faith in God In times of sorrow, like now, her husband and children succumbed to illness However, she used the wisdom gleaned from their deaths to go forth and help others She traveled beyond the Wastes, healing Some stories say the Wastes were a land of plenty then, or just starting to die It depends on the telling She saw pain and suffering tha...

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    Combining a steampunk airship adventure with nature and saint based spirituality, ugly adorable flying gremlins, competing political conspiracies, a missing princess, various forms of magic, and the beginning stages of romance, Clockwork Dagger charmed and entertained me Octavia Leander, orphaned in the war, has healing powers sought by all sides, so though she just wants to practice her craft in a quiet rural setting she s drawn into a dangerous power struggle Fortunately she s quick thinking and has the support of the Lady, a healing goddess who may have begun life as a human but now is embodied as the spirit of a magnificent magical tree The characters are wonderful beside Octavia there is Leaf, the little green gremlin, Viola Stout, an unconventional older woman with a surprising secret, Alonzo Garret, the handsome airship steward who s always around when there s trouble, and a...

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    Clock Work Dagger by Beth Cato is SteamPunk crafted with precision and heart This clever romp by airship evokes a gilded age of pomp and polish while at the same time giving you the friendly feeling of a delightful cozy The characters are rich and drawn with panach as they explore a world you ll want to run away to This is a novel that will find you imagining the grand trip by Airship as you find the last mooring tower on the right A tale of the man with the monocle and the waxed mustache and the too broad smile And it is also the tale of a delightful heroine A girl who is brave and strong and true The kind of girl one finds in the thrilling stories of adventure we all used to read and miss as we grow older The kind of girl we wish girls aspired to be in these dark and sooty times This was delightful and I found, by the end of this adventure, t...

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    I received this book free through Harper Voyager s Super Reader program This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Steampunk Rating 3.5 My Thoughts The Clockwork Dagger ended up surprising me but in a good way Why Because I loved the world building Most steampunk novels that I have read recently, have been set in a Victorian alternative era England This story could have...

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    I loved this one Read it in a few hours Really enjoyed it Fully fleshed characters, engaging if a little predictable intrigue, solid world building I love regency style fantasy novels but generally hate steampunk This novel was steampunk esque and I thoroughly enjoyed it Character responses were believable, scenes were action packed It definitely worked for me.Few q...

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    I really enjoyed this steampunk adventure by Cato The story stands alone very well, but I was excited to find out there are books planned for this series The 2nd book in the series, The Clockwork Crown, is expected to release in Sept 2015.Octavia Leander was orphaned at a young age, but her luck took a turn for the better when she was taken in by Miss Percival and trained as a medician Years have passed and now Octavia is a medician of great power and being sent on her first assignment She is being sent to a small town that is devastated by sickness, but getting there will be the exciting part.On the airship ride to her destination she meets the very handsome steward Alonzo Garrett She enjoys his occasional company until someone tries to kill her Suddenly Octavia is dodging assassination attempts left and right, then she finds out Alonzo is not a steward at all but an elite Clockwork Dagger a caste of warrior that usually protects the queen This was a very well written and action packed book The story is fast paced right from the beginning and never lets up There are a ton of steampunk elements in here which I love Lots of traveling by airship and people with mechanical limbs etc.I really love how Octavia prays to a go...

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    This book passed an important test I chose to read it out loud to my wife.We read together pretty regularly I don t know how many other people do that but for me, at least, it s a way to enjoy a story physically, when I know it s worth it Usually, i ve read the book silently before we read the book together.So this is a pretty fun book.In the knowing what you re getting into department This is steampunk, ticking off all the usual boxes Airships, clockwork golems, and other mechanical marvels Victorian social s though the setting feels like Germany just after the 1918 armistice than Victorian Engliand But it s steampunk fantasy, not steampunk pure and simple This is not our world The protagonist, Octavia Leander, is a magical healer, and has a mystical relationship to divinity, in the form of the Lady and the Tree, protectors of nature and restorers of health and vitality, in a world determined to mechanize everything.In the knowing where it s going department Because Octavia is incredibly powerful and gifted in her magic, she has become unbeknownst to her a target of interest both to her own government and its terrorist guerrilla liberation army enemies What should have been an uneventful airship ride to her new job becomes a sequence of dangers So...

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