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[Download] ➸ You Are Among Friends Author Lindsey Gates-Markel – Bogou.us

You Are Among Friends A Fresh And Reassuring Take On Adolescence, You Are Among Friends Is An Empowering Collection Of Advice, Encouraging Young Girls To Remain Confident And Loyal To Themselves As They Grow Up In A Society That Pushes Insecurity And Self Doubt Blending Sisterhood And Positivity With Fresh Writing And Sharp Humor, You Are Among Friends Is A Loving And Fierce Manifesto With Shades Of Meaning For All Ages Markel Completely Embodies The Cool Older Sister, With Admirable Charm, Hilarious Timing, And Inspiring Confidence Annalee Schafranek, Bitch Magazine

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ➸ You Are Among Friends Author Lindsey Gates-Markel – Bogou.us

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    The only bad thing about this book is that I don t have 12 year old girl friend to give it to I will in a few years, though

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    I LOVE THIS and not just because lindsey markel is a superhero and not just because i drew the cover i love it because it tells girls to love themselves in such an honest, practical, and happy way eve...

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    This little, empowering, wonderful book made me sad for two reasons 1 I didn t read it until my 25th year 2 There are so many teenage girls who will never get to read it.If you ve got a little sister, niece, cousin, friend, whatever in your life, she needs this book.

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    Just what it sounds like whipsmart and honest I truly wish I d had this to read as a 12 year old, but even at 30 it did me good.

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