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[Reading] ➮ American Front ➶ Harry Turtledove – Bogou.us

American FrontThe United States Sides With Germany, While The Confederate States Ally With Britain And France World War I Explodes On American Soil When War Engulfs Europe In 1914, The United States And The Confederate States Of America, Bitter Enemies For Five Decades, Enter The Fray On Opposite Sides The United States, Led By Theodore Roosevelt, Aligns With The Newly Powerful Germany, While The Confederacy, Under Woodrow Wilson, Joins Forces With Their Allies, Britain And France But For Both Sides, This Fight Will Be Different From Any Other A War With Global Consequences Waged In America And Fought With The Chilling Innovations Of The Dawning Modern Age, The Machine Gun, The Airplane, And Poison Gas.The Events Of How Few Remain Confederate Victory In A Second Civil War And The Subsequent Division Of America Set The Stage For This Extraordinary Novel Of The First World War As It Might Have Been In The Great War American Front , Harry Turtledove Creates A Vast, Vibrant Canvas That Blends Actual Events And Players With A Brilliantly Reinvented History This Unforgettable, Deeply Moving, And Superbly Original Novel Is A Masterpiece Of Imagination And Another Triumph For Its Acclaimed Creator.

[Reading] ➮ American Front ➶ Harry Turtledove – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 503 pages
  • American Front
  • Harry Turtledove
  • English
  • 10 August 2018
  • 9780345406156

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➮ American Front ➶ Harry Turtledove – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    I was hooked after reading the previous novel, How Few Remain , and knew I had to continue with this series It didn t serve as a prequel, but added some context and familiarity that I appreciated This book had me flipping page after page, and I burned through it in just about a week or so The third person multiple POV is a bit confusing, but...

  2. says:

    Turtledove is great at describing the endless tedium and frustration of war he attacks it from all sides and perspectives, building a complete picture If you re interested in the big and little picture of war and political events, this is great If not, the reader bores quickly.

  3. says:

    Not as thoroughly awesome as How Few Remain, the first in this series, but quite engaging The First World War affects the USA and CSA as something of a continuation of the Civil War, here it seemed they were just waiting for an excuse to start fighting again, and they fell into war again with vigor The author s refusal to take sides is interesting as well I was also fascinated by the way alliances fell out in this version of history very ...

  4. says:

    I may include spoilers, so if you re planning to read the book let s face it you re not , consider yourself forewarned.First recall that we re talking about an alternate history where the South won the Civil War with the help of England and France This book takes us to 1914, where World War I is starting It s England, France, Russia and the Confederates the Quadruple Entente versus the US, Germany, and presumably Austria and the Ottoman Empire If the latter two get a mention, it s very brief In North America, the war is primarily a struggle of the US versus the Confederates and Canada.The book is, like How Few Remain, told from a variety of perspectives Unlike HFR, however, TGWAF are those acronyms annoying enough tells the story from the perspective of common people There are some historical figures present I counted Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, George Custer, Eugene Debs and Marcel Duchamp, but I m sure there were These characters, however, are secondary to the everyday folk the New England fisherman, the Confederate Army major with the unfortunate surname Lincoln , the black butler in a South Carolina mansionThere s less excitement in I wonder what a New England fisherman would do in this timeline than I wonder what Abe Lincoln would do if he lost the war and survived The b...

  5. says:

    The War to End All Wars consumes North America Continuing the alternate history of How Few Remain, in which the Confederacy won the Civil War, The Great War American front imagines a First World War where the USA and CSA meet for the third time on the battlefield Machine guns, ard cars, and airplanes replacing the strategies of the previous century The chaos and international defense pacts in Europe now involve North America, as fighting rages in the US, CS, and Canada In addition a workers revolution begins to stir, primarily among the African American population in the south, ready to rise up against their white oppressors Another great w...

  6. says:

    Harry Turtledove s The Great War The American Front, is a fast paced alternate history novel focusing on World War One after a confederate victory in the United States Civil War After the assassination of the Austro Hungarian Archduke, The US sides with The German Empire, Austro Hungarian Empire, and The Ottoman Empire The CSA does the opposite, they join the Entente with The British Empire, French Empire, Russian Empire, and Serbia Fierce fighting on the border of the CSA and USA ensues Turtledove uses a unique style of writing which throws you from character to character while never visiting one character twice This strategy is hard to adapt to at first but eventually moves the story along quite nicely This book touches on some sensitive topics such as genocide and war and the bad things that come with war Such as how often soldier characters can die randomly It also has a very heavy use of racial slurs so I would suggest no one under the age of 14 read ...

  7. says:

    This is another book I was hoping to like a lot , especially after the opening of the series But wheras that volume included ample interesting and easily identifiable chapters using historical figures, this one tries to cover a vast military front from western Canada to the east, from Oklahoma to Maine, and many point...

  8. says:

    As a sequel to How Few Remain it goes above and beyond its predecessor with better characters and realistic motivation and world building with the first few chapters you see his world building in action like when the POV character in the south is talking about the wealthy having imported cars from the USA instead of locally produce ones in the CSA Another improvement this book has over its predecessor is its sense of scale with USA soldiers fighti...

  9. says:

    i was expecting based on what others say abut HT My first issue with this book is that it is labeled to be the the first book in the series turns out that it is actually the 2nd one and I am sure a lot of my confusion comes from the fact that he lays out his alternative reality in book 1 Anyhow if I do ...

  10. says:

    I had some issues with this Turtledove, even though I ve enjoyed some in the past Almost too many characters and he jumps back and forth between them in little short vignettes For most of the book I struggle to remember who and what was going on.Besides that, it is interesting to imagine a world with a separate CSA and how things might have been Based on the characters in the book and their stories, I think I d want to live in Canada then Not for those offended by a look at raci...

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