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[Ebook] ➣ Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time Author Susan Scott – Bogou.us

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a TimeThe Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Now With New Material The Master Teacher Of Positive Change Through Powerful Communication, Susan Scott Wants Her Readers To Succeed To Do That, She Explains, One Must Transform Everyday Conversations Employing Effective Ways To Get The Message Across In This Guide, Which Includes Exercises And Tools To Take You Step By Step Through The Seven Principles Of Fierce Conversations, Scott Teaches Readers How To Overcome Barriers To Meaningful Communication Expand And Enrich Conversations With Colleagues, Friends, And Family Increase Clarity And Improve Understanding Handle Strong Emotions On Both Sides Of The Table

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ➣ Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time Author Susan Scott – Bogou.us

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    Of all the professional books I ve read in my life, this is the one I would list at the very top, as the one I should have read 27 years ago as I was just launching a career in educational leadership No, let me take that back This is the book I should have read 33 years ago when I became a mother Hmmmmm In fact, this is the book I should have read 40 years ago as I was launching my first marr...

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    The president of my company recently encouraged all members of the leadership team to read this book I do not feel that I am being harsh in any way by giving this 1 star.I guess it might contain okay ish information for people new to management or leadership, but it is fairly basic info Have honest conversations with people at work, be authentic, ask probing questions to get to the root cause of problems, etc and blah blah That isn t fierce That s common sense I could have ...

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    The ideas and action items provided in this book were thought provoking and helpful however, I felt most of the examples were tailored to readers in management roles at companies I just couldn t relate to those ideas hence the 4 instead of 5 star rating.The stories and information I could relate to were fantastic, if shocking It was hard to sit and honestly think about ...

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    Ugh, this was a hard book to get through There are too many ideas, it s hard to pick out one that will work Also, this lady thinks she s awesome and wants to tell you all about how awesome she is She isn t awesome.

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    I discovered this book while browsing through the shelves at the Chapters bookstore at 401 and Kennedy in Toronto As I flipped through the book I came across this snippet that mentioned a newly married couple The first weekend the wife wanted to talk about their relationship, the husband relented The next weekend once again the wife wanted to sit and talk about their relationship, the following weekend it was the same thing Now the man began to wonder Hey this is not what I want What s going on However on much thinking he realises The conversation is the relationship The moment you stop have the conversation, the relationship comes to an end.I am paraphrasing, but when I read this I went and bought the book I have read it many ...

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    This book is probably better than I think it is To me, there is no great revelation in the importance of having fiercely authentic conversations Moreover, I feel that the language was targeted at a different audience As a result, while all of the ideas were generally agreeable, there was very little that really resonated with me personally.My op...

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    A so so business personal relationship book that encourages you to be completely honest and ask probing questions to get to the real issue in your conversations with others A little touchy feely, easier said than done on the honesty part, anyway , but it did give me some good ideas for asking the right questions The author insert...

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    I don t usually like to leave negative reviews but this book compelled me to In short, it is a terrible read because it teaches very little, and the little it teaches is taught in an awful way Here s the crux of the problem Susan Scott doesn t appear capable of saying anything without using an anecdote or drawing reference from things that should have no bearing on the topic eg in this book she tries to get her points across via Winnie the Pooh, what Scott s high school classmates wrote about her in the yearbook, and reams and reams of movie scenes Even the simplest messages are wrapped around lengthy stories that run for pages The problem with this heavy reliance on anecdotes is that it s dangerous to derive principles from them and I would most certainly not live my life a certain way just because Hey This movie character said this did that Statistics would have helped in this book but on the odd occasion she does employ data to back up her points, it comes from random sources like automobile.comYou can also tell from her heavy reliance on movies and the way she writes that Scot...

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    This is one that the leadership team recently read at work I usually try to read those pretty quick so that I know what management may be trying on us next Anyway, at first I thought it was going to be a pretty boring and standard well duh management book i.e have real and honest conversations at work...

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    The type of professional self help book that has good advice but treats its readers like buffoons, forcing us to trudge through many, many unnecessary examples and repetitions as we arrive at a few very simple points which could have been made in 10 or 15 pages.

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