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!!> Epub ➥ Long Time Coming ➤ Author Edie Claire – Bogou.us

Long Time ComingYears And Distance Kept The Memories At Bay But Back At Home, The Past Is Ready And Waiting To Haunt HerEighteen Years Have Passed Since Joy S Childhood Best Friend, Jenny, Met Her Death In A Tragic Car Accident Just A Few Days After Their Senior Prom A Broken Joy Left Their Small Kentucky Hometown Shortly After Determined Never To Come Back But When Her Father S Illness Forces Her To Return, She Realizes That Neither Time Nor Distance Have Truly Healed Her Troubled Soul.Plagued With Nightmares Of The Accident And Crippled By A Vague Fear Whose Source She Can T Identify, Joy Realizes That In Order To Move On She Must Face The Truth Behind Several Disturbing Gaps In Her Memory Of That Fateful Spring But The Only Person Who Can Help Her Is A Man She Despises Jenny S Erstwhile Boyfriend Jeff, Now A Respected Doctor, Whose Carelessness As A Teenager Was The Cause Of Jenny S Horrendous Death And Joy S Own Emotional Destruction Can She Ever Forgive She May Have No Choice But To Try Because Both The Danger She Sensed And The Childhood Friendship She Treasured Now Suddenly Seem Very Much Alive

!!> Epub ➥ Long Time Coming ➤ Author Edie Claire – Bogou.us
  • ebook
  • Long Time Coming
  • Edie Claire
  • English
  • 13 April 2017
  • 9781466174962

    10 thoughts on “!!> Epub ➥ Long Time Coming ➤ Author Edie Claire – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    Long Time Coming was another audiobook that had been sitting on my shelf for a long time Still determined to listen to the Audible books that I have before I buy any new ones, it was finally time to listen to this one Telling the story of Joy, a veterinarian who returns to her hometown, after years avoiding it, when her father s health begins to decline After so many years away, she finds that the death of her childhood best friend, Jenny, still haunts her This becomes even apparent when she moves into Jenny s childhood home.To make matters complicated, Joy cannot seem to avoid Jenny s high school sweetheart, Jeff Now the town s doctor, Jeff has become an integral part of her parents lives as her father s health declines She is certain that Jeff knows about the accident that killed Jenny than he s letting on, and she is determined to get to the truth.When weird things start happening in Joy s life, she has to question whether or not Jenny is really gone Music playing at odd hours, temperature changes in the house, and other unexplained phenomena keep happening around the house Additionally, Joy s life seems to be i...

  2. says:

    Ho hum Joy is haunted by her friend s death twenty years earlier and blames Jeff her friend s high school boyfriend The story drags on as Joy tries to remember her friend and their relationship You really want to slap Joy and yell get over it already You want to tell Jeff to run By the t...

  3. says:

    I liked this book enough to re read it, it kept me turning pages But Joy, the main character, seemed to hang on to psychological distress longer than the plot line would support In addition, Jeff, the love interest, was patient and understanding than I could believe by the end Then again, I am a psychologist, so maybe that is transparent to me than others In favor of the book, there was a twist at the end that I was not expecting at all, and that was really fun and creative And having grown up in a small town, I thought she did an amazing job of characterizing the nature of relationships in that environment even down to her description of Wal Mart I was transported home immediatel...

  4. says:

    Surprisingly, this wasn t terrible That s saying a lot coming from me It was, however, monumentally predictable, corny, and pedestrian I think the thing that bothered me most was that I knew how the entire thing would play out when I d made it to around 25% Joy was all, Why did Jenny s death cause a mental block in my mind Why can t I remember Why do I feel so weird arou...

  5. says:

    I read this book a few years ago when I first got my Kindle I found it on my free books listing This was an amazing story about love, friendship and forgiveness and most importantly forgiving yourself A full circle to get back home with love and acceptance at the end of the road Alth...

  6. says:

    This book drove me crazy I gave it 1 star for compelling me, against my will, to finish it The 2nd for getting such a strong reaction from me about a character.Joy Joy was completely ridiculous She was in denial about everything her past AND her present If I ever encountered a person like this in real life, I would fight to have them committed She is supposed to be so smart, but I see absolutely no evidence of that I can understand blocking out a traumatic experience, but she had enough clues running through her constant internal dialogue that she should have been able to figure out her connection to problem with angst about Jeff MUCH sooner As a reader, I knew what happened between them within the first few chapters It was excruciating to witness her rationalizing everything the past, her reactions to Jeff, the music, perfume, doors, windows, objects moving an indoor tornado for crying out loud Yes, Joy, I m sure it is just the wind Just shut the window and pretend it didn t happen AGAIN Really And at one point, she thinks of herself as this strong type that confronts things head on I almost la...

  7. says:

    This is a hard book to rate, the beginning is excellent, the middle was fine but the quality of writing in the last third was disappointing This is romance novel with an unnecessary supernatural component Joy an odd name for a woman who has none returns to her home town and must confront the man she holds responsible for the death fo...

  8. says:

    3.5 stars This is not badly written, but I am deducting stars because of Joy, the lead She whined too much about everything and it bugged me that it took 18 YEARS for this to surface I m not sure why the...

  9. says:

    I have to be honest, at first I was really interested in this story but then it became an endless cycle of Joy being a whiner Even though I don t normally read stories about paranormal themes, it started out interesting Then it was just to ridiculous how Joy was just continuing to stay in her home even though all these weird things kept happening It wasn t like she didn t have nowhere else to go Jeff, I felt sorry for, he was treated like a leper by Joy An yet he still feels for her Why would he She never gave him hope, shut him down and told him off time and time and he still doesn t give up This was when I kept waiting for her to snap out of it The title of the book says it all it was A Long Time in Coming For it to be wrapped up when her ghost friend Jenny had to step in and basically throw her at him, well I was like Really, that s how their going to get together That left me cold, she couldn t figure it out before then, ...

  10. says:

    Not badly written but the heroine was such a hot mess until almost the last page that I wanted to slap her silly numerous times Absolutely no idea why the hero stuck around past the first time she verbally abused him, much less came back for hysteria Thank goodness the heroine was a veterinarian so the book featured a...

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