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[Ebook] The Killing Woods By Lucy Christopher – Bogou.us

The Killing WoodsAshlee Parker Is Dead, And Emily Shepherd S Dad Is Accused Of The Crime A Former Soldier Suffering From PTSD, He Emerges From The Woods Carrying The Girl S Broken Body Gone, He Says, Then Retreats Into Silence.What Really Happened That Wild Night Emily Knows In Her Bones That Her Father Is Innocent Isn T He Before He S Convicted, She S Got To Find Out The Truth Does Damon Hilary, Ashlee S Charismatic Boyfriend, Have The Answers Or Is He Only Playing Games With Her The Kinds Of Games That Can Kill

[Ebook] The Killing Woods By Lucy Christopher – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Killing Woods
  • Lucy Christopher
  • English
  • 13 July 2018
  • 9780545461016

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] The Killing Woods By Lucy Christopher – Bogou.us

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    I think it s pretty easy to tell if you re going to like this book fairly early on I felt a disconnect with the writing style from the very beginning, which unfortunately never went away and if anything, I got and frustrated and bored with both the story and the style.Story I never really understood what the Game was that these kids played in the woods Intial cap is not mine The collars and such seemed so silly to me that I couldn t really wrap my mind around what was going on It also seemed incredibly obvious...

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    If Lucy Christopher s name hadn t been printed on the cover of this novel, I wouldn t have believed she wrote it Granted, the prose is gorgeous, but the emotional complexity, character depth, and general plot originality I ve come to expect from the author of Stolen wasn t present in this novel Not in the least Admittedly, I didn t expect The Killing Woods to be another Stolen, but I didn t expect to feel so apathetic to it as a whole either.Told in alternating points of view, Christopher s latest is about a young girl whose father is charged with the murder of her classmate Where The Killing Woods shines is in its portrayal of the emotions Emily feels, both after her father is accused and during his trial What makes this situation so black and white is the fact that Emily s father has been suffering from PTSD after returning from the war and is often unable to discern from memory and his own reality Thus, as Emily is left to pick up the pieces of human cruelty friends abandoning her, questioning if she s a killer too and confusion who could have committed the murder Damon, as the boyfriend of the murdered girl, is both outraged ove...

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.My feelings are pretty mixed on this book I have had a copy of this book in my review pile for a very long time so I am thrilled to be able to scratch it from my to be read list but I do wish it had worked a little better for me I felt like this book was really slow at times and I found it rather easy to set aside There were parts of the book that I did enjoy but I had quite a few issues with it as well.I did think that the book started out really strong Emily s dad brings home a girl that Emily knows from school, Ashlee Ashlee is dead and Emily s father can t remember what happened so he is charged with the crime Emily knows her dad and does not think that he is capable of the crime that he has been accused of committing since he has always been a very gentle man.Damon was Ashlee s boyfriend He was with her in the woods on the night that she died but he doesn t remember what happened either Damon, Ashlee, and their friends had b...

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads2.5 starsThank you Scholastic Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review If you go down in the woods today,You re sure of a big surprise.If you go down in the woods today,You d better go in disguise I feel somewhat conflicted with The Killing Woods I have heard the ongoing praise for Stolen A Letter To My Captor so I simply assumed that Lucy Christopher s latest had to be an exceptional read Unfortunately, I was mistaken Either 1 my expectations were unreachably high or 2 I failed to resonate and connect with this novel like others have Honestly, it s both reasons I had expectations for a flawlessly narrated novel but then began to struggle to connect with the suddenly average novel I guess I cannot blame the book But my thoughts are my thoughts, and I was rather disappointed Emily Shepherd doesn t believe it when her ex soldier father comes home confused with a girl in his arms A dead girl Ashlee Parker While Emily endeavours with the biting fact that her father is locked up in prison, guilty of killing Ashlee Parker, Damon Ashlee s boyfriend is in grief than ever Confused and a ball of fire building inside of Damon, he wants Emily to pay for her father s murder But did Emily s dad really murder Ashlee Or was there someone else in the woods that night The Killing Woods is narrated by two people Emily and Damon Emily is the daughter of the man who was accused of murdering Ashlee Parker...

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    Oh, where to begin The Killing Woods sounded creepy, mysterious, interesting It ended up being none of those Emily s father has brought home the body of a dead girl named Ashlee The man has no recollection of having killed her Add to this, he has severe PTSD He s arrested, takes a plea bargain, and heads on off to be incarcerated Um, WHAT The man has a mental disorder and because he confesses since he cannot remember anything , the police, his lawyer, and even his wife allow this to happen Where is the fucking evidence Where is the fucking psychological evaluation Where is the fucking justice Nowhere to be fucking found.Emily tries to keep her life somewhat normal for a gal who s dad just killed a classmate She heads off to school and the fuckery of this book continues Suddenly, her best friends from when she was in diapers despise her They call her a freak, tell her she must be crazy like her dad These are her best friends The book completely lost me at this point.Then we have Damon The love interest of the murdered Ashlee Yet, not really Love The only impression I got was one of lust Let alone Ashlee isn t exactly painted in the best li...

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    After having had numerous recommendations for her other novel, Stolen, my first thought upon receiving this novel in a genre that is incredibly up my alley was that it was going to rock my socks off And although my feet are still warm and snugly, I had a great time reading this novel that holds an awesome setting with a creeptastic premise The first thing I immediately noticed upon reading this book was how it was very much a show rather than tell type of writing which I happen to prefer in mysteries I love being left to my own devices in finding out exactly what came about thinking up theories, seeing clues, and unraveling the mysteries I feel like I m a part of a story rather than the alternative of being told a story to This is how I felt like when reading The Killing Woods A girl was murdered, and Emily s father is being convicted What do we know about anybody in this novel About the woods The ominous Game The whereabout of her father At first, we know nothing whatsoever Let s start with Emily I won t say I got to know her through and throu...

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    Wow Well, I went into this book expecting a meh read after seeing a lot of reviews that called The Killing Woods just okay I am so glad that I still read the book, as I was completely immersed into the creepy tale And while I know that The Killing Woods won t work for everybody, I absolutely loved the book.Lucy Christopher s writing style was what initially drew me into the book It s gritty and compelling in a way that had me gobbling up the words I am also glad that Emily and Damon, who alternate POVs, had very distinguishable voices I read the Killing Woods in one night I just had to know what happened to Ashlee, and the answer wasn t one that I predicted I love when a mystery isn t easy to solve I also kept reading because of the predicament of Emily s father It is obvious that he needs serious help, as the war he was in a few years ago severely messed with his head I was so torn about what to think of him When you have someone who is mentally ill, it is hard to be absolutely positive of what they are and are not capable of My favorite ...

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    Absolutely and incredibly disappointed in this new novel that Christopher has written After successfully and completely engrossing me in her bestseller, Stolen I was hoping that this would be another gripping page turner by all of the hype inside the the book Then, I looked on goodreads and skimmed the reviews which hardly had any 5 star ratings or positive feedback and that made me a little annoyed as Stolen was so praised But then, I finally got around to reading the book just a few days ago and I can confirm that it will definitely be on my shelf collecting dust as far as I m concerned Nothing about this book is gripping, the language Christopher uses is neutral and way too British for me, there was no flow at all It also felt like the book was lacking in a suspenseful atmosphere One minute, I d be sucked in and then the next chapter would be dull and boring Emily was a boring drip with no personality other than wanting her Dad out of prison because she believed he was innocent I needed backstory from her to like her character but she just sat there.Damon was a dry and lifeless hero that had no sex appeal or sw...

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    3.5 stars This book has the misfortune of following Dangerous Girls in my reading list, and I don t think I gelled with the way the whole mystery was laid out narrated Plus I guessed what happened pretty early in It might be a it s me not you scenario I m sure others wi...

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    3.5 I was a little disappointed with this because Stolen is one of my favorite books, so I expected the same level of greatness from The Killing Woods I liked the story line, the characters weredifferent I wish I got to know Emily a little better, I just felt like I didn t really know her mind set What ...

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