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KINDLE ❆ The Museum of Extraordinary Things Author Alice Hoffman – Bogou.us

The Museum of Extraordinary ThingsCoralie Sardie Is The Daughter Of The Sinister Impresario Behind The Museum Of Extraordinary Things, A Coney Island Boardwalk Freak Show That Thrills The Masses An Exceptional Swimmer, Coralie Appears As The Mermaid In Her Father S Museum, Alongside Performers Like The Wolfman, The Butterfly Girl, And A One Hundred Year Old Turtle One Night Coralie Stumbles Upon A Striking Young Man Taking Pictures Of Moonlit Trees In The Woods Off The Hudson River The Dashing Photographer Is Eddie Cohen, A Russian Immigrant Who Has Run Away From His Father S Lower East Side Orthodox Community And His Job As A Tailor S Apprentice When Eddie Photographs The Devastation On The Streets Of New York Following The Infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, He Becomes Embroiled In The Suspicious Mystery Behind A Young Woman S Disappearance And Ignites The Heart Of Coralie

KINDLE ❆ The Museum of Extraordinary Things Author Alice Hoffman – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Museum of Extraordinary Things
  • Alice Hoffman
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9781451693560

    10 thoughts on “KINDLE ❆ The Museum of Extraordinary Things Author Alice Hoffman – Bogou.us

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    It s everything that I wanted Night Circus to be It s everything Water for Elephants aspired to be and just wasn t It has that gloomy mood of the Broadway show Side Show book by Bill Russell mixed with that freak nature that made me love Geek Love by Katherine Dunn 1989 It has hints of political and class strife like Ragtime but there is a love story here that I haven t seen any of these works accomplish The prose that Hoffman tucks away in the nooks and crannies of these pages not only inspire and delight, but they bring depth, heart and familiarity to these rough around the edges characters Today I looked back over some of the lines I had underlined with my pencil and each one either brought tears to my eyes or a shiver up my backbone The seasoned symbolism Hoffman offers really blew me away as well The fires in this story suggesting rebirth or great change, the stolen time piece of Eddie s that symbolizes the burden he carries with him and finally let s go of, the wildness of the wolf who could not be tamed walking alongside Eddie on the New York City Streets.

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    How could a novel set in such a thrilling and fascinating time period and location New York City in the early twentieth century be such a disappointment I was really looking forward to delving into this world and in the end, I could not wait to finish this overwrought, far fetched and ultimately ridiculous story The characters were nothing than one dimensional creations meant to embody archetypes the Jewish immigrant, the European charlatan, the Innocent Cinderella and hurled into real historical events like slaves into the lion pit You constantly feel the novel digesting its research and regurgitating it not very subtly, treating dramatic historical events almost off handedly, with dryness and an alarming absence of real pathos.The love story is completely farcical and devoid of any complexity and sense of progression I understand that there is supposed to be an element of magic realism at play here but can writers still write sentences like She saw him and knew in that instant that she loved him I m paraphrasing without feeling a sense of embarrassment Magic realism cannot work if you cannot believe in the foundations of the story and sadly, there was nothing believable in these characters and the way they interacted with each other.The novel is also riddled with repetitions and tedious, clich declarations about the immigrant experience and the nature of identity A little bit of a masquerade Sigh.

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    Five stars is not enough If I could I d give it ten stars I can t even with this bookmy heart feels like it might explode Joy does not begin to describe how I feel after finishing one of Hoffman s books I feel transformed Am I the only one who ever feels this pure rush of emotion after reading a book I hope not.

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    3.5 starsWhat struck my curiosity with this one was exactly that the thrill of entering a world full of curiosities, oddities and wonder This was my first dose of Alice Hoffman s writing and I m pretty confident when I say, it won t be the last of her books I read Even though The Museum of Extraordinary Things wasn t everything I imagined it to be, there was a beauty and a depth to her words that kept me going The Museum is a place of illusions, bogus science and a cruel professor For about the first half of the book, I felt like I was reading two separate stories The author really took her time setting up the backstory and delving in to the lives of the two very distinct perspectives Coralie and Eddie The characters were fully developed and likable for different reasons, but it took entirely too long for the mermaid and the lost Jewish boy to cross paths You know what love is It s what you least expect The one thing that both Coralie and Eddie desired, from a young age, was that sense of freedom To be able to live their lives how they chose to not to be held captive by guilt or obligation It isn t until the halfway mark that they have any sort of interaction and that was my biggest gripe with the story Their connection felt weak to me I wish the author would have struck of a balance between the development of their individual pasts and the time they spent together I love the fact that Coralie and Eddie found what they needed in one another, but a big part of me couldn t shake the insta love feel of their relationship Or maybe it s just that I don t get love at first sight Who knows.That s not to say I didn t appreciate the ending, the actual Coney Island history woven into the storyline or the notion that things aren t always as they appear.

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    I fear that I am a little close to this subject to be able to appropriately judge it For the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit that I manage the museum collection for the Coney Island Museum, so I know the history, I know the stories of the Dreamland fire, the various visits by famous people, the layout of the attractions, and the generally surprising stories of 1911 Coney Island That being said, there is little new in the way of Coney Island history It has all been written before.At first I was very intrigued by Coralie s life Her imprisonment in her father s Museum of Extraordinary Things, her forced swims and attempts to be a sea monster were very interesting Her fascination with Dreamland and old Coney Island were interesting to me too, but the primary story fell flat I found the Professor s horrors to be horrifying, as expected, and the love story unconvincing This too could be a problem of mine, since I find those love at first sight swooning obsessions that often crop up in historical fiction to be eye rollingly unbelievable While it was not unenjoyable, I felt that this book has been written before, and better For an excellent representation of Bowery life, the Jewish immigrant experience, the ins and outs of 1910 1911 Coney Island, the gangsters and prostitutes and corrupt officials, read Kevin Baker s Dreamland It too has its problems, but it was much immersive For a better story of circus sideshow folk, and the unethical things people do to each other, read Geek Love it s an incredibly good novel.

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    What just happened I think I m turning into a monster, a horrible monster who hates everything and everyone and lives on dissatisfaction and bitterness.How in the world could I not have loved this book I mean, look at the title The cover The synopsis It s full of promise and I was lured in by the tantalizing story of a girl who grows up alongside her father s museum of oddities and assortments and is, herself, abnormal and is trying to come to terms with her perceived place in the changing world.But that s not what this book is about view spoiler It s about finding out who you are and learning to love yourself, flaws and all, despite what you ve heard or have been lead to believe.No, waitit s a snapshot of everything that went on in NYC in the spring of 1911 and the impact those events had upon the city s inhabitants.No, waitit s about equality and fairness for workers who make the rich richer.No, waitit s about love and trust winning over evil and debasement and also the basement No, waitit s about feminism and the horrors of using women in all the terrible ways they are used as workers who die in fires, as possessions to be burned in the face with acid, as sexual objects, as mythological creatures to be tamed and conquered, as non humans and how that s wrong and must be changed.No, waitit s about animal cruelty and how that s wrong and must be changed.No, waitit s about redemption.No, waitit s a murder mystery Who is running around killing people and sewing their lips shut And why No, waitit s about the Dreamland Amusement Park on Coney Island and how big business kills the mom and pop stores in small communities.No, waitit s about fire and disaster.No, waitjust what in hell IS this book about I have no idea because it was all over the place I never felt like I knew what I was supposed to be focused on Add to that a whole slew of boring characters or interesting characters that were used as props and didn t really get to do much in the story as well as multiple perspectives There s Coralie first person followed by Coralie third person thencrap, I ve already forgotten the guy s name Ezekial He went by Eddie, I think Ok, so then there s Eddie first person followd by Eddie third person and they bounce back and forth between each other Why Why have first person narration and then move to third person Is that to show that each narrator is not to be trusted but if we back off and look at the bigger picture, we ll get a better idea of what s happening Why are we inside the head and then kicked out That did not help me to understand the story any better and it s a big mess.I couldn t get a hold on Coralie I couldn t tell if she was a neglected child who raised herself on books so lived in a tiny world of her own making while also existing among her father s hired wonders and so was sort of meek and dreamy OR if she was secretly strong in her core but was just waiting for the right time to strike out on her own and become the person she d always wanted to be OR something entirely different that I didn t even notice because I just could not figure out this character.Eddie He s supposed to be a bitter little jerk who grows up into a bigger jerk and he has these issues with his father which make him renounce his religion and become all shaven headed, Americanized, street rat turned cynical photographer but really He s pretty flat and dull and isn t a bad boy with a heart of gold and isn t all that tormented and he winds up making amends for all the wrong thinking he s had because he finds true love and that gives him a purpose in life Or something I m not sure I think I missed the point of his story Oh, dogs He rescues dogs And takes pictures of dead people and criminals and he knows how to find the lost Well, except for himself He s lost but other people have to keep guiding him to his path Orsomething.There are fish in the story Two of them A trout in a bucket that probably meant something that I do not have the ability to grasp, though it reminded me a lot of Big Fish There s also a giant, dead bass There is a missing girl and a dead body and they turn out to be the same person, though the reader knows that well in advance Her lips are sewn shut There s a hermit and his wolf There s a livery man who is a former convict and he loves little birds There are two fathers, one who let his son go because that is what is best for the son and one who clutches his daughter tightly and misuses her for his own fame and fortune and strange river monster delusions There are rich people, one who loses his pocketwatch to a worker s child and one who is the rich kid s sister and who becomes a civil rights crusader There are two destructive and horrifying fires, one that s glossed over because we all learned about it in our high school history books and the other that is sensationalized to the point that I felt my emotions were being manipulated and that pissed me off There s a tortoise and some birds There are freaks who perform both at the museum and at the amusement park down the road There s a lot of stuff going on and a lot of players in the story and none of it came together for me Instead of feeling enchanted, enlightened, and delighted, I felt irritated, manipulated, and stabby and that is just not how I expected to feel while listening to this book hide spoiler

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    Two words horribly disappointing I d be really relieved if Alice Hoffman stepped up to say she was busy cataloguing her library of obscure Latin books on topography and so paid someone else to write this novel for her Because that s how unlike Hoffman s usual books, this latest offering is This novel contains none of her signature lyrical sentences and not one character you can admire or understand There is nothing whimsical here, no brooding relationship it is not a story you wish you could slip into A weak willed female character who has a perverted father with a twisted mind, an unattractive selfish male character set against an cruel backdrop, two story lines which cross far too late in the novel somewhat the opposite of usual plots which Hoffman devises for her novels The museum mentioned in the title is little than a sideshow of freaks of nature think the Elephant Man The history featured, the fires at Triangle Shirt Factory and Coney Island, is not done so well enough to interest me sufficiently to run to Google to see the facts of these events usually I m a devil for hunting down historical facts mentioned in books And do not get me started on the chapter prefacing italics sections I am a Alice Hoffman devotee and I was horribly disappointed I d say don t bother 1 Come on Alice, fess up tell me you didn t write this, please

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    Two confessions 1 My first Alice Hoffman book2 I was concerned I would constantly compare it to Night CircusSo, having finished the book I 1 I want to read Alice Hoffman2 What Circus Don t get me wrong I loved Night Circus but for different reasons Coralie and Eddie s stories kept me equally enthralled as these two young people each struggled to find their own way in the world despite and because of their families and backgrounds I thought the ties to historical events were well researched and fleshed out as part of this riveting fiction I received this ARC from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

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    The Museum of Extraordinary Things is a beautifully written book about belonging, love and beauty, among other things.It is the story of Coralie, a girl with webbing between her fingers who lives with her father and his collection of extraordinary things and people My father was both a scientist and magician, but he declared that it was in literature wherein we discovered our truest natures pg 2It is also the story of Eddie, a Jewish boy who flees with his father from a village in Russia after his mother is murdered.Eddie is a photographer and Coralie is one of her father s extraordinary things Eddie had come to understand that what a man saw and what actually existed in the natural world were often contradictory pg 57Both Eddie and Coralie have known hard times, poverty and hunger They have been beaten down, overworked and abused People will disappoint you with their cruelty every time pg 5They both carry secrets Coralie has discovered a diary in a locked drawer in the basement Eddie has a stolen watch in his pocket The Museum of Extraordinary Things was a true museum, a place of edification, wherein natural curiosities were displayed along with human marvels Now, however, they needed , and, when could not be found, it must be invented pg 28Beyond the personal lives of the two protagonists, this is also a story about New York and how it was developing outwards, consuming the woods and running pavement over grass.It is also about the development of labor laws, the rights of the worker and unions.Two actual catastrophic fires are recorded in this historical fiction They highlight the horrific losses humanity has sometimes endured in the name of progress and, especially in the case of the factory fire, greed.Those pages are hard to read But Hoffman has written them beautifully and they feel true, as if the reader is standing there, watching the disasters unfold, and questioning what horrific things sometimes happen It s dangerous to look into things you don t understand, Coralie advised You haven t seen the half of what there is in this world Perhaps you re one of the extraordinary things I don t understand pg 241Recommended for adult readers because of disturbing content and abuse, both physical and emotional The Museum of Extraordinary Things is haunting, but beautiful dark with moments of light in the shadow and truly, filled with extraordinary people and things.

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    I loved all the history in this novel, the burgeoning Coney Island, the freak shows and all the strange sights to see on the Boardwalk The descriptions of these things were amazing and this was the best characterization in this novel I am a big time Hoffman fan, but this was not one of my favorites of hers It did include some of her trademark magic realism but her characters, just did not draw me in, at least not after the first part of the book.There are two separate story lines going on and the connection between them was tenuous at best I liked the characters but never felt like I really got to know them, but everyone may not feel this way So I would say this is readable for the history alone, the sights and sounds of the boardwalk as well as the Triangle Shirt factory fire If the characters had drawn me in this probably would have been one of my favorites of her but alas.ARC from publisher.

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