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Epub ➜ The Ice Queen Author Alice Hoffman – Bogou.us

The Ice QueenFrom The Bestselling Author Of Practical Magic, A Miraculous, Enthralling Tale Of A Woman Who Is Struck By Lightning, And Finds Her Frozen Heart Is Suddenly BurningBe Careful What You Wish For A Small Town Librarian Lives A Quiet Life Without Much Excitement One Day, She Mutters An Idle Wish And, While Standing In Her House, Is Struck By Lightning But Instead Of Ending Her Life, This Cataclysmic Event Sparks It Into A New BeginningShe Goes In Search Of Lazarus Jones, A Fellow Survivor Who Was Struck Dead, Then Simply Got Up And Walked Away Perhaps This Stranger Who Has Seen Death Face To Face Can Teach Her To Live Without Fear When She Finds Him, He Is Her Opposite, A Burning Man Whose Breath Can Boil Water And Whose Touch Scorches As An Obsessive Love Affair Begins Between Them, Both Are Forced To Hide Their Most Dangerous Secrets What Turned One To Ice And The Other To FireA Magical Story Of Passion, Loss, And Renewal, The Ice Queen Is Alice Hoffman At Her Electrifying Best

Epub ➜ The Ice Queen Author Alice Hoffman – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 211 pages
  • The Ice Queen
  • Alice Hoffman
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780316154383

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    The logic of fairy tales was that there was no logic bad things happened to the innocent, children were set out in the woods by their parents, fear walked hand in hand with experience, a wish spoke aloud could make it so I wept while reading the final chapter Our first person protagonist, in a spat with Mom on Mom s 30th birthday, wishes her dead Mom s demise that night defines the eight year old girl She will express no love, no affection She will listen only, go along She embraces death, removing herself from emotional investment Many years later, after her grandmother passes away, her brother, now a meteorologist living in Florida, persuades her to come south to live near him In the heart of lightning country she is struck, while swatting flies inside her small home, losing the ability to see red, and is largely paralyzed on one side Alice Hoffman from OrderofBooks.comMom s mishap took place on an icy January night Ice defines the girl from that point on She remains cold, inert to the life around her After being struck by lightning, her altered perception broadens her iciness in that it removes much from what she can even perceive of life She sees grays where everyone else sees red Life has literally been drained from what she can see It is no big stretch to see her existence as bloodless The theme of Fairy Tales permeates the story Lazarus Jones was also struck by lightning and the image of an old man was fused onto his skin The protagonist believes that wishing her mother dead caused it to happen One character wonders whether a wounded mole would grant wishes if one only saved him Another lightning strike victim has gold fused into his skin Magic is used in at least two ways Magical imagery is incorporated throughout the story, and rises like a transcendent being from the death fixation that links the entire story to a burst of life at the end I loved it Major recommendation.Read 2005Reviewed 2008Published April 2005 EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal and FB pagesOther Hoffman books I have reviewed Local Girls Green Angel Blackbird House The Red Garden The Dovekeepers The Rules of MagicJuly 18, 2017 New York Times when it happens in the real world Hit by Lightning Tales From Survivors by Lizette Alvarez

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    I think sometimes we stumble across a book that was the perfect book to read at that specific time For whatever reason you connect to it a particularly strong way The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman is the first book of that kind that I have read in 2019 I ve finished, but I don t want to put it away yet I found it to be very beautiful, but have to admit that I m not sure how to convey why that was Probably other reviews will be helpful than this one if you are trying to decide whether or not to read this but I loved it very much I m very glad I stumbled across this I picked it up on a whim, which I have to say, it often the way I have found some of my favourite books.

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    Be careful what you wish for I know that for a fact Wishes are brutal, unforgiving things They burn your tongue the moment they re spoken and you can never take them back They bruise and bake and come back to haunt you I read The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman years ago but recently I stumbled across the audio version and decided to listen I really liked reading the book but listening to this audiobook narrated by Nancy Travis was a whole different experience different in a good way, that is.The story begins on a cold January night the 16th of the month, in fact It is told in the first person so we never actually know the narrator s name What we DO discover is on that January evening, the storyteller, an 8 year old girl makes a wish that will forever change the course of her life It turns out that January 16 is her mother s birthday and her mother was to meet a couple of girlfriends for a celebratory dinner The night was rainy and the rain,a s it fell, had begun to freeze Following her mother onto the porch, the girl begged her mother to stay home and braid her hair and read from her favorite book of fairy tales When her mother simply kissed her goodbye, the wish that had been in her head quickly slipped out of her lips Right away I could feel it burning I could taste the bitterness of it still I went ahead I wished I would never see her again And the next morning, well. the girl awoke to the news that her mother had never arrived at her birthday dinner Her car had gone off the road and her mother was never coming home This young girl who had lived so much of her short life immersed in fairy tales believed in the power of wishes She believed that her wish, made in anger and yes, selfishness caused her mother s death And from that moment on, the ice that had covered the ground, the trees and the road her mother had driven on seemed to encapsulate her heart She and her older brother Ned went to live with their grandmother and from the outside, their lives went on but the girl remained steadfast in her belief that her heart was justifiably frozen The story takes us through the many years of the girl s lonely life She grows up and becomes a librarian mainly because of the isolation that position allows her She develops an obsession with death and begins researching and reading everything she can find about all the ways there are to die Eventually, her grandmother, with whom she had been living all these years dies and she has no idea what to do Her brother Ned, who has become a meteorologist and has moved to Florida brings her to Florida and arranges a life for her there a simple life as a librarian in the local library Ned works at Orlon College where he is a consultant to physicians and neurologist who work with survivors of lightning strikes Orlon is the lightning strike capital of the world Ned tells our narrator on their way to Florida Almost flippantly and without considering her words, she once again makes a wish. that lightning should strike her and put an end to her pitiful life But given her strongly held belief in the power of wishes, of course, it one day comes true Alone in her house on a particularly hot and muggy evening, a ball of lightning no bigger than a tennis ball travels through her window and with a brilliance like that of the sun, she is struck.Another wish comes true or at least it does in part Our narrator survives the lightning strike She finally leaves the hospital broken and damaged with her heart fluttering and skipping a beat, numb on one side of her body, a constant, maddening clicking sound in her head, an inability to see the color red, and a physical chill which seems to have seeped into her very bones Attending a support group for lightening strike survivors, she learns of a man the townspeople refer to as Lazarus Jones, another lightening strike survivor who receives the name Lazarus because after being struck he had been dead no pulse or heartbeat for 40 minutes. before being thrust into a bath of ice which forced him back to life Still obsessed with death, our narrator sets out to meet this man whom she believes had faced down death What she discovers when she find him catches her by surprise he was her kindred spirit and yet her opposite Whereas she felt a constant bone chilling coldness, Lazarus emanated intense heat. able to boil water simply by breathing on it Her coldness kept her from experiencing human touch and Lazarus radiated so much heat that he had been unable to touch anyone since he had been struck But touch these two did, beginning an obsessive and intense love affair. meeting again and again to immerse themselves in baths filled with frigid water She returned home from these encounters covered with burn blisters but the pain she felt seemed finally like the proof she needed that she was actually alive She was discovering that the ice she had encased herself in so many years before was finally being chipped away one touch at a time Yes, she and Lazarus were both broken and damaged people and both were closely and greedily guarding the dark secrets they held but slowly they were helping each other to come back to life almost as if they had been in suspended animation I have never been a person who enjoyed reading fairy tales. not even as a child and although this novel is a kind of fairy tale within a fairy tale, I was amazed by the imagery Alice Hoffman utilized in this story Mainly, Ms Hoffman cleverly made use of imagery created by the magnificent power of nature I could FEEL the pinpricks of the ice on the narrator s young bare feet as she hurried onto the frozen front porch after her mother I could SEE the brilliance of the ball of lightning which entered her window, blinding her before striking I felt chilled as I imagined her sad little girl s heart encased in ice an ice which kept her figuratively imprisoned in suspended animation for many, many years I loved Ms Hoffman s use of the frightening power of lightning. its incredible power when its heat and energy both infuse the earth with necessary nitrogen which enriches the soil so that the earth s inhabitants may find nourishment but at the same time having the capability to destroy everything it touches, even stopping the heart of a human being.But I think what I loved most about this novel is its message of redemption and second chances There is a school of thought which espouses that human beings create everything they experience in the world through the power of their thoughts whatever you think, is what you experience I don t know that I believe that even if it IS interesting to think about But I thought about that philosophy while listening to this story and I couldn t help but hope that the universe, in all of its infinite capacity to inflict harshness on its inhabitants, wouldn t be so cruel as to punish a young girl who uttered thoughtlessly and perhaps selfishly a wish without truly understanding the consequences of that wish This story was also about guilt and the everlasting self loathing that that seems to flow from feeling a guilt that you can never hope to eliminate because for whatever the reason, there is no chance of ever asking for forgiveness This story shows that the magical powers of connections formed between human beings can transform and transcend the power of even the most ferocious forces of nature including our own guilt and grief.I highly recommend listening to the audio version of this book I found that listening enhanced my appreciation of the imagery displayed within this beautiful story.

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    This is one of those books which creep up on you unawares I had finished it months ago but it was only as I finally rejoined the GR reviewers and sat down to write this that I realized it was still reverberating gently in my mind.It is a love story but not a straightforward one There is an underlying theme of the need to come to terms with bitterness and self hatred There is the recognition that gradually dawns for characters and readers alike as to how misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misreading of situations and people can cripple and maim horribly and yet it might one day only take one decent act of generous love, one seemingly insignificant show of patient understanding to transform and melt a frozen life The heroine, by one childish word spoken in a petulant bad temper, feels she wreaks havoc in her heart because words once spoken echo round and around and if the chamber begins to freeze then the echo bounces and rebounds and builds in strength until the whys and wherefores and even possibility of love and relationship get drowned out and the easiest way to deal with the echo is to slam the chamber shut and leave it so The story is the unpicking of the implications of this bolted door and uses images of lightning strikes and glacial freezes to conjure the battle undergone by those who, through unconscious choices or misunderstood acts of others, have fixed obstacles and barricades as protections and defences It is a genuinely moving story of rediscovery and second chances and, if it is not too over sentimental, it is the description of the oft sneered at thought that it is never too late and that the miraculous does not necessarily mean the same to every personchokengtitik

    titikchokeng As avid readers will know it is interesting how you can suddenly find a personal theme occurring over a period although only noticing it as you look back The Ice Queen began the theme of monarch butterflies which seemed to flutter gently through much of my reading in shy glimpses over these last few months With hindsight this coincidentally was building up to my sponsored cycle across Costa Rica in early April where I encountered these beautiful creatures Indeed for one memorable time, as I cycled along a busy main road, I was accompanied by one particularly muscular specimen powering along at my side Sadly I was unable to stop as there was no verge so photographic evidence remains unachieved.

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    This is an adult magical realism standalone fantasy novel.So the story follows a nameless character who is a woman obsessed with deathAs a young girl, she was really self centered One day, she gets mad at her mom as she is driving away In a moment of fury, she wishes her mom dead The next day, the young girl wakes up to find that her mom was killed in a car accident Her wish had come true.Later in the story, the girl moves to Florida with her brother The woman was fascinated by lightning So fascinated that she wonders what it would be like to be struck by it And as she wishes that out loud she gets struck by lightning.The women can no longer see red after she is struck She is also constantly cold and she begins to refer to herself as an ice queen because she can no longer feel.Then she meets Lazarus A man who was struck by lightning, died, and then came back to life She is fascinated by him An odd romance develops between the narrator and Lazarus.There is to this story but I will not spoil it for you Go find it and read it.This story was like a roller coaster ride for me It had its own pros and cons I sometimes felt like I was really enjoying the story and sometimes it felt like meh.

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    I think we ve all been asked a thousand times about our favorite books I ve always found it hard to answer and so I would mention my favorite authors instead But then I found this book I don t really know what happened I think it was love at first sight This is one of those books in which every single word matters I know that s supposed to happen in every single novel but this book is different each word is a precious piece in the brilliantly built puzzle that is this story The emotions, so raw, so beautiful, so real It s actually hard for me to put in words what I felt while and after reading it This is a love story between two people, between family members, yes, but also between life and death The fear so well known yet so well hidden by us plays an amazing role in this story and helps the novel reach out for the reader The writing is magnificent and so meaningful that at times hurts.I borrowed this book from my sister s collection but am now going to get myself a copy I want to be able to read and re read it until I know every word by heart.

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    4.4 starsThis book ripped my heart out then threw it against the wall only to pick it up, stomp and kick at it with steel toed boots.In the misery, the bleakness and the dark hole that became my chest there was a light weak but bright The author was able to keep me focused on that little light, it wasn t hope of a HEA it was much deeper it was the spark of life to breath to continue Her words are beautifully sewn together, visual and emotionally charged.Depressing stories are my kryptonite normally I would have dropped this after the first chapter but I couldn t put it down Would I ever read it again Hell no, I ll never forget it It was so beautifully sad and haunting.

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    If you too are slogging through this and think the author may be just a wee bit too enad with her love for metaphor and symbols, and you think the main character is not sympathetic, but kind of a pitiable loser, then you re thinking as I did through almost the first 3 4 of this wonderful and touching novel I write the above because if you re tempted to abandon the book before you get to the end as I did , you ll be cheating yourself out of an amazing, meaningful, and completely touching personal journey that will totally bring you to tears Sometimes, you have to stick with a book, as you might stick with a precocious but bratty child, to come out rewarded on the other side THE ICE QUEEN is like that.

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    3.5 stars rounded up It took me a while to get into this book It is ostensibly about characters who have survived lightning strikes and how they cope with life afterwards, but it is about how people deal with their emotional scars and facing their mortality The book is populated with some very damaged characters, each in interesting ways When two of the damaged characters enter into a relationship, there are unintended consequences for than just the two of them The book has some interesting twists in it, and once I got past the initial parts that dragged a bit for me, it became a compelling read In typical Alice Hoffman fashion, this book has some magical aspects to it that add a wondrous element to the story In the end I enjoyed it than I expected to, which is always a happy experience.

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    When I worked in publishing, I would often read books just out of curiosity about what the author s style was like, or what drew their fans in One author I was familiar with, but never read, was Alice Hoffman I recently read The Ice Queen, which is about a librarian, so hey, why not.The protagonist loses her mother at age 8, for which she blames herself She grows up into a sort of nonperson, with no friends, only a lover whom she keeps at arm s length After the death of their grandmother, her brother moves her to his town in Florida, but shortly after arriving, she is struck by lightning Her perception of the world around her changes, she begins to notice elements of magic around her, and she develops new relationships After being frozen by her mother s death, the fire of the lightning strike eventually turns her into a real person.This is the kind of midlist book that is exactly clever enough to sustain one reading club session, but no For example, after the lightning strike the nameless protagonist loses the ability to see the color red she sees it, nonsensically, as white She embarks on a torrid love affair, which has no effect on her, but when she seals a real friendship, suddenly she can see red again Gee, I wonder what that means.I found myself irritated by the implausibility of the details The protagonist s brother is supposed to be a meteorologist but he gives a paper on fairy tales and chaos theory I don t think Hoffman knows what this is at a meteorology conference and is received with a standing ovation I don t go to a lot of meteorology conferences, but I m pretty sure this wouldn t happen One character is supposed to be majoring in architecture, which involves building models of Greek temples, like in the seventh grade And the library stuff Ugh

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