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[PDF / Epub] ✈ Emmeline ☀ George Clarke – Bogou.us

Emmeline Young Girl Orphaned At Five Years Old Brought Up By A Doting Aunt, Beautiful But Selfish And Spoilt She Was Ostracized At School, Eventually Leaving To Get A Good Job, But Due To Her Demeanor She Soon Lost All Jobs That Came Her Way Until Eventually She Found Herself Out On The Streets After A Vicious Attack She Was Hospitalized And Taken Under The Wing Of A Lady Doctor Who Restored Her To Her Fit And Healthy Self But Only In Body After Her Recovery She Vowed Vengeance On All Her Former Adversaries.

[PDF / Epub] ✈ Emmeline  ☀ George  Clarke – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 348 pages
  • Emmeline
  • George Clarke
  • 28 December 2019
  • 9781479753727

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