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[BOOKS] ✭ The Eye of the Whale By Jennifer O'Connell – Bogou.us

The Eye of the Whale On A Cool December Morning Near San Francisco, A Distress Call Was Radioed To Shore By A Local Fisherman He Had Discovered A Humpback Whale Tangled In Hundreds Of Yards Of Crab Trap Lines, Struggling To Stay At The Surface To Breathe A Team Of Volunteers Answered The Call, And Four Divers Risked Their Lives To Rescue The Enormous Animal What Followed Was A Rare And Remarkable Demonstration Of Animal Behavior This Celebrated Story, Beautifully Depicted In Jennifer O Connell S Mesmerizing Paintings, Will Make You Wonder About Animal Emotions And The Unique Connections We Can Have With Animals, Even Whales.

[BOOKS] ✭ The Eye of the Whale  By Jennifer O'Connell – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Eye of the Whale
  • Jennifer O'Connell
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780884483359

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ✭ The Eye of the Whale By Jennifer O'Connell – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    In the book The Eye of The Whale , James learns that you should never give up In the book, James is part of a rescue team There is a Whale trapped in crab net and the Whale can t get out James is determined to get the Whale out.For example, in the book it says James a dive master has never been so close to a Whale He doesn t know what to expect James doesn t know what to expect but he still goes.Another part of the book where James doesn t give up is when the book says James sees that the whale is tangled in crab nets James comes on board an yells We have to cut the lines or she ll die This shows that if James and the other divers didn t cut the lines in time, the Whale would die but James didn t give up.Another section of the book is when the captain warns James saying Be careful of the tail James has a lot of pressure because he might die since whales are so huge, one slap of it s tail could kill him, but still, James doesn t give up.In the story The Eye of The Whale , James understands that even when things get tough,you should always persevere James does everything he can to save the whale By doing that, the whale comes up to all of the divers that saved her and gave them each a little nudge What would you do if you were James Would you do everything you...

  2. says:

    Great story and information abou tg whales..neat that it s based on a true story..great teaching tools listed in the back

  3. says:

    This is a charming book, especially since it is true A boat captain in San Francisco saw a whale tangled up in a huge number of crab lines He radio d the shore who sent a group out to do something, if possible One was a master diver who had never been around whales before It is told from his point of view He got into the water and the whale kept watching him After they finally got all the lines off, the whale swam a circle around all of them and then gently nudged each one before heading out to sea I remember when the story was originally told in 2005 It is simply told, not letting the language get in the way of the story, and the illustrations are fairly good as well I would suggest this as a possible class story time if you know they are going out...

  4. says:

    A whale is trapped by fishing line and several divers coordinate efforts to free her The story is told simply enough for early elementary school students to understand and appreciate Adult readers will want to read the endnotes to enrich discussion with young readers the ac...

  5. says:

    I enjoyed this book It brought a tear to my eye I believe it is a true story as well This good would make a great earth day read There could be discussion about how the whale was in the situation and what responsibilities we have as humans to our earth.

  6. says:

    The author was able to interview one of the divers who helped rescue a whale near San Francisco and the up close perspective is amazing The divers all describe this as one of the best moments of their lives and I could feel that energy in the story An incredible experience so well captured.

  7. says:

    Two time winner of the Christoper Award, Jennifer O Connell, has written and illustrated a true story about a whale tangled in hundreds of yards of fishing lines The story takes place in San Francisco in December of 2005 A team of volunteers, including four divers, try to help in this dangerous task of rescuing the enormous animal The story about the results and the reaction of the whale to the volunteers is an amazing tale The author carefully researched this factual event and gives detai...

  8. says:

    A wonderful book for children to teach them the fate of whales when pollution hurts them Pictures are realistic.

  9. says:

    Amazing The divers got in the water even though they had no idea what they were getting into Ha ha Get it

  10. says:

    Very accessible retelling of a true rescue story Gorgeous pages, my students are loving it

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