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[[ PDF ]] ❤ The Contest Author Jordan Ellinger – Bogou.us

The Contest The Old World S Greatest Adventuring Duo Return When A Night In A Tavern Turns Nasty, Gotrek Is Forced To Take Part In A Competition Of Skill, Daring And Determination Can He Survive The Contest The Contest Is Engaging And Fun, Providing One Reason To Let The Slayer Enjoy A Drink In Peace This Christmas David Guymer

    10 thoughts on “[[ PDF ]] ❤ The Contest Author Jordan Ellinger – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    A very short story of Gotrek and Felix that is pure fluff Pass on this one unless you wish to read all of the G F tales.

  2. says:

    Pretty short but still good fun.

  3. says:

    Surprisingly, there s blood but no actual bloosdhed in this short story.

  4. says:

    Too short

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