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[Read] ➳ Saving Justice ➯ Robert H. Bork – Bogou.us

Saving Justice In June 1973, Judge Robert Bork Was Plucked From A Quiet Life Of Academia At Yale University And Planted In The Tumultuous Soil Of Constitutional Crisis By A Nixon Administration Barreling Toward Collapse From The Ousting Of Vice President Spiro Agnew To The Discharge Of The Watergate Special Prosecutor, An Event Known As The Saturday Night Massacre, Saving Justice Offers A Firsthand, Insider Account Of The Whirlwind Of Events That Engulfed The Administration During The Last Half Of 1973 And The First Few Months Of 1974 This Important Volume Provides A Revelatory Look Into The Inner Workings Of The Justice Department During Some Of The Most Consequential Months Of The Nixon Administration.

[Read] ➳ Saving Justice  ➯ Robert H. Bork – Bogou.us
  • Unknown Binding
  • Saving Justice
  • Robert H. Bork
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9781594035180

    10 thoughts on “[Read] ➳ Saving Justice ➯ Robert H. Bork – Bogou.us

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    A few minutes after I finished reading Robert H Bork s Saving Justice Watergate, the Saturday Night Massacre, and Other Adventures of a Solicitor General Oliver Stone s 1995 flick Nixon showed up on cable and we managed to watch the entire movie It was a treat, as is every movie directed by Stone While not always agreeing with Stone s idiosyncratic approach to movie making, I never fail to find insights available nowhere else There was archival footage of the red bearded Pittsburgh native Bork and I was reminded of his crucial role as the designated hit man who as acting attorney general fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox in 1973 during the Saturday Night Massacre segment of the Watergate incident.Bork, who died at age 85 on Dec 19, 2012, is one of my heroes, to the disgust of many of my liberal friends yes, I have a few His savaging by Sens Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden during the 1987 Supreme Court hearings made me recoil in disgust at members of my former party and confirmed my decision in 1980 to vote for a Republican presidential candidate Ronald W Reagan for the first time in my life When I learned that his memoir was due to be published this month by Encounter Books,...

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    Meh Bitter and arrogant and not very insightful.

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    This was an interesting brief memoir from Bork including personal accounts of his tenure as Solicitor General, Acting Attorney General, and Supreme Court Nominee It also included unique reflections on President Nixon and figures within the Nixon administration along with gen...

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    Nice foreshadowing to our current Presidential crisis Bork, with interesting purely legal comments at times, and other party oriented jabs gives a pretty concise picture of the whole Saturday Night Massacre Just something to think about.

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    The thesis of this book is that by being willing to execute Nixon s directive to fire Cox, as opposed to the two people at DOJ senior than he, Robert Bork saved the Justice Department And very little else OK, Robert, whatever you say.

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    Very timely for the current presidency.

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    Robert Bork, AB 48, JD 53AuthorFrom the author In June 1973, Judge Robert Bork was plucked from a quiet life of academia at Yale University and planted in the tumultuous soil of constitutional crisis by a Nixon administration barreling toward collapse From the ousting of Vice President Spiro Agnew to the discharge of the Watergate special prosecutor, an event known as the Saturday Night Massacre, Saving Justice offers...

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    A breezy and somewhat self effacing look at Bork s role in the Watergate drama, and how actually staying the course at least by those officials who weren t totally corrupt was likely the best policy for ensuring national stability.

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    A short book of reminiscences, the last book Judge Bork ever wrote, provides an interesting slice of life back during the days of Watergate Recommended for political history and legal students.

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