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[KINDLE] ❃ Planet Whispers ❆ Sophia Fairchild – Bogou.us

Planet Whispers What Is Our Planet Whispering To You The Soul Of The Planet Is Constantly Whispering To Us, But What If We Cannot Hear These Messages Travel With Professional Soul Guides And Spiritual Practitioners From All Over The World To Discover How You Too Can Hear The Call Of These Whispered Messages, To Deeply Nourish And Refresh Your Soul.Explore New Techniques To Help You And Your Clients Experience The Deep Peace And Timeless Wisdom Within The Heart Of Our Planet To Inspire, Heal And Uplift Your Life Learn How To Facilitate Ancestral Healing Work With Solstice Energies Discover Your Own Power Places Make An Earth Offering Ceremony Find The Gift Open Your Heart Chakra Create Healing Mandalas Hear The Planet WhispersContributing Authors JP Ames, Bronwyn Makeda Aset, Laura Bessan, Roberta Ashkawa Binder, Sophia Fairchild, Clarissa Harison, Karen Jarldane, Denice Martin, Jenny Palmer, Kerrie Redgate, Susie Scucluna, Angela Talerico, Raymond Torrenti, And Judy Ward.

[KINDLE] ❃ Planet Whispers  ❆ Sophia Fairchild – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • Planet Whispers
  • Sophia Fairchild
  • English
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9780984593057

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