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!!> Reading ➶ Secret Agent Reunion (Mission: Impassioned) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1476) ➮ Author Caridad Piñeiro – Bogou.us

Secret Agent Reunion (Mission: Impassioned) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1476)Posing As The Fearless Assassin Code Named The Sparrow Had Nearly Cost Danielle Moore Her Life Now The Lazlo Operative Must Finish Her Mission Then She Meets Her New Partner Agent Mitch Lama Her Former Lover A Man Who Is Supposed To Be Dead.Years Ago, As He Lay Desperately Wounded In Her Arms, Mitch Knew He Loved Her If Only She Could Have Trusted Him With The Truth Back Them Now He S Recovered In Time To Smoke Out A Killer Within Their Ranks But Dani Poses A Greater Danger, Rekindling Desire That Puts Them Both At Risk.

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    Former SIS agent, Danielle Dani Moore, had infiltrated the criminal organization SNAKE as a world renowned assassin Sparrow But her undercover operation had not only cost the life of her lover three years ago, but also her own twelve months ago.Now, Dani is back, working for Lazlo Group presided by the man who saved her life and gave her purpose again, Corbett Lazlo She s about to start Operation Lazarus to uncover the truth behind who wanted her dead and who is behind the vendetta against Corbet himself.As the mighty Lazarus, she s risen from the dead, but so has someone else The lover she thought dead for the past three years, Mitch Lama.Now Mitch and Dani must overcome the betrayals, the guilt, and their mutual passion as they sweep from Rome through the Abruzzo region and ultimately end up in London, dodging enemy bullets and betrayal from within their own ranks.Ugh How many bad books can a miniseries have Because this one was as bad as the first My Spy The plot was flimsy at best, with the author reaching for the bad trick bag to keep things moving and the H h simply grated on my nerves.Dani was an obtuse Wonder Woman wannabe with no idea of her limitations, and beside her anger at Mitch s betrayal she betrayed him as well she didn t have much personality to speak of Still she had of that than her counterpart, who looked like a mannequin for her to boss around, despite the tribal tattoo on his arm I have no idea why the author kept returning to that sodding tattoo, bec...

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    Secret Agent Reunion Mitch and Dana Posing as the fearless assassin code named the Sparrow had nearly cost Danielle Moore her life Now the Lazlo operative must finish her mission Then she meets her new partner Agent Mitch Lama Her former lover A man who is supposed to be dead Years ago, as he lay desperately wounded in...

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