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➿ Amerikkkan Stories Free ➶ Author Santino J. Rivera – Bogou.us

Amerikkkan Stories Amerikkkan Stories Is The Second Collection Of Hardcore Poetry From Xicano Author S J Rivera It Expresses The Turmoil Of Uncertain Times In These So Called United States It Is The Handbook For The Revolution And A Diary Of The Decline Of Western Civilization The Writing Is On The Wall With This Hard Hitting, Unrelenting, Uncensored And Raw Collection Of Poems You Hold In Your Hand The Last Record Of Everything Before The World Tipped Upside Down These Are Tales Of Wrath And Redemption, Of Recovery And Revolution These Are The Stories Harrowed From The Front Lines Of The New Culture War Within These Pages Are The Bullet Holes, The Failed Prayers And The Blood Spatter Of Amerikkkan Justice These Are Amerikkkan Stories.

➿ Amerikkkan Stories  Free ➶ Author Santino J. Rivera – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 158 pages
  • Amerikkkan Stories
  • Santino J. Rivera
  • English
  • 07 September 2018
  • 9780615458526

    10 thoughts on “➿ Amerikkkan Stories Free ➶ Author Santino J. Rivera – Bogou.us

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    Amerikkkan Stories Hardcore Poetry by S J Rivera At age 14, the Hunter Thompson paperback I was reading nearly fell from my hands as I considered the first contraband that man ever transported Into adulthood he d smuggled petulant self indulgence and a penchant for antagonism, and then he snuck em into professional journalism Picking up my book from the floor, I knew I wanted to get better at writing Inspired by the idea that skilled prose is legitimized protest, commentary, and subversive humor, I became an increasingly attentive student I had no choice but to get better and have been throwing myself at writing ever since Rivera s sociopolitical poetry, short stories, and essays make me think he may have come to similar conclusions, like Never mind the self pollution, Thompson s technical brilliance is the smart prize Comfort zones kill Dachau and McDonald s are the same Socrates was right the unexamined life isn t worth livingCathartist Rivera offers a range that can only come from someone disfigured by a profession most of us can t imagine A former paramedic, Rivera s voice is...

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    Great collection of poetry with a sociopolitical message and with themes of friendship and melancholy The short stories essays at the end are good too I especially enjoyed the one on Hunter S Thompson First Chicano indie publisher I ve heard...

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    This hard hitting book of poetry is difficult to read at times It smacks you with tough language, anger at oppression, and emotionally fraught phrases that punch you in the gut But there is so much truth in these poems, and a pers...

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