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➧ Marrying the Enemy! Ebook ➭ Author Elizabeth Power – Bogou.us

Marrying the Enemy!For Better, Or For Worse Alexia Had Known That Coming Home After All These Years Would Be Difficult Even So As She D Be Living Under The Same Roof As York Masterton The Last Time They D Met, Alexia Had Been An Innocent Teenager Now She Was A Sophisticated Woman Who Knew What She Wanted Her Rightful Inheritance.York Didn T Bother To Hide His Suspicious Dislike Of Alexia Until He Realized That, Far From Hating Her, He Wanted To Marry Her And He D Give Everything He Owned To Be Able To Trust His New Wife Especially Now That She Was Having His Baby.

➧ Marrying the Enemy! Ebook ➭ Author Elizabeth Power – Bogou.us
  • ebook
  • 256 pages
  • Marrying the Enemy!
  • Elizabeth Power
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9781459252301

    10 thoughts on “➧ Marrying the Enemy! Ebook ➭ Author Elizabeth Power – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    Well, this was a muddled mess As Preeti s review explains, this story is trope overload and then some.Unfortunately, none of the tropes are handled particularly well.The first phase of the story is the 27 year old heroine returning to England from New Zealand after a ten year absence She is just in time for the funeral of her grandfather who kicked out her teen mother when she was pregnant with the heroine Her mother never forgave her father, but she did visit once when the heroine was 17 That s where the bad blood between the heroine and the hero began The hero is the heroine s step cousin, he is the other heir to the property and he was close to the heroine s grandfather He hated that the heroine s mother made her father sad, so he was hostile to them both during their visit There was some kind of nocturnal visit by the heroine to the hero s bedroom to steal his car keys, but the hero though the mother was trying to pimp her teenage daughter to him So he complied by subjecting her to punishing kisses The mother denied it and then she came on to the hero all in ...

  2. says:

    When a book juggles so many tropes, it s bound to flounder or leave you floundering for solid ground.I tried to put them in a list but maybe I missed a few And the list goes on and on like the story So let me see. Spoilers Opens on a funeralShunned ran out of town h but back for the inheritance or..H the local lord of the manorKissing cousinsConvoluted family tree historyLong separation Doppelganger h or the real thing Amnesia Underage seduction gone bad in the past Mother as the ow competition..ewww Marrying the enemy so says the title In ...

  3. says:

    A magical romance that left me wanting I loved York and Alex They are a beautiful couple Well written and engaging A must read for all romance readers

  4. says:

    I m a fan of Elizabeth Powers s books, there is something about the very emotional stories she writes that apeals to me, and this is another good book of hers.At first the story is a little difficult to get into, there seemed to be a lot of hints to lots of different things that you don t really make sense of until much later in the book That is frustrating, but it certainly keeps you interested, and keeps you reading The relationship between the hero and heroine is full of ups and downs, as well as plenty of passion, betrayal, angst, etc all those lovely things that you want out of a Presents The heroine s background is interesting, and well written to have some great emotional impact.It was particularly interesting to have a grey haired heroine hereditary premature greying , it would have been nice if this had been reflected on the cover.The bitchy other woman character and plot was unnecessary and I feel that it ruined the flow of the book, it seemed forced in.Overall, this i...

  5. says:

    For better, or for worse Alexia had known that coming home after all these years would be difficult even so as she d be living under the same roof as York Masterton The last time they d met, Alexia had been an innocent teenager Now she was a sophisticated woman who knew what she wanted her rightful inheritance.York didn t bother to hide his suspicious dislike of Alexia until he realized that, far from hating her, he wanted to marry her And he d give everyt...

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