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[PDF] ↠ Son Of Man Author Robert Silverberg – Bogou.us

Son Of ManIN THE BEGINNING There Was No Brooklyn, No St Louis, No Shakespeare, No Moon, No Hunger, No Death IN THE BEGINNING There Were No Real Men, No Real Women, Nothing But The Dispassionately Passionate Ambisexuals Of The Lowest And Highest Order IN THE BEGINNING The Heavens, The Seas And The Earth Belonged To A Intelligent Species Than A Man Called Clay Could Ever Have Dreamed Possible In His Own Time But His Own Time As A Man Had Passed, And Now His Time As The Son Of Man Had Come

[PDF] ↠ Son Of Man Author Robert Silverberg – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 213 pages
  • Son Of Man
  • Robert Silverberg
  • English
  • 08 April 2018
  • 9780345257451

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ↠ Son Of Man Author Robert Silverberg – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    Woah what a trip I loved it, although it was the exact equivalent of staring into a kaleidoscope for 5 hours Definitely not a typical book in any sense not typical Silverberg, not typical science fiction, and not even typical of the days when it was written 1971 , even if it channels a lot of the psychedelic sub culture of the early 70s Just different from anything I ve ever read I think of this novel as a virtuoso performance by an author who had fully mastered his craft, and wanted to go as out there as he could possibly go with his imagination in one single book Where to start well, Clay is a man from the 20th Century who is caught up in a time flux and transported to a time that s billions of years into the future The Earth of this distant era retains almost no recognizable feature from our time, and its population consists of wildly variant life forms In the intervening eons, the human race has evolved into many forms, from the tyrannosaur like Eaters, to the sedentary and zen Awaiters, to the squid like underwater Breathers, to the colossal Interceders, to the werewolf like Destroyers all of these are Sons of Man Together with Clay, other versions of what Homo Sapiens has mutated into during the past millions of years find themselves sucked up by this time flux, including a pink spheroid who lives inside a cage that rolls around on two wheels Yikes No need for LSD With the Ski...

  2. says:

    Back in the 1970s, there was a certain type of film that, whether by chance or design, became highly favored by the cannibis stimulated and lysergically enhanced audience members of the day These so called stoner pictures such as Performance, El Topo, Pink Flamingos and Eraserhead played for years as midnight movies and remain hugely popular to this day Well, just as there is a genre of cinema geared for stoners, it seems to me that there could equally well be a breed of literature with a genuine appeal for those with an altered consciousness That we don t hear of such books is perhaps due to the fact that reading requires in the way of active mental work than does film gazing reading is not as passive an activity, generally speaking, as watching a film, and entails of an exercise of the imagination But if there ever WERE such a genre of literature as the stoner book, then I do believe that Robert Silverberg s Son of Man would be a prime example Released in 1971, this was just one of four novels that the author came out with that year, the others being the wonderful The Second Trip NOT an LSD reference , the Nebula winning A Time of Changes, and his story of insane overpopulation, The World Inside Quite unlike any other Silverberg novel that I have encountered, Son o...

  3. says:

    A few pages into this book, I groaned I picked it up because I was reading Robert Silverberg books I barely glanced at the cover to get a sense of what it was going to be about On the first page, Clay, a man of our time, which in the case of the book would be around 1970, finds himself caught in a time flux and deposited in some future world, a verdant paradise possibly a million years in the future Soon he meets Hanmer, one of the current human specimens, a soft spoken, somewhat androgynous young man with green skin and red eyes Hanmer will be Clay s guide.That s when I groaned I seldom like books that involve a stranger trotted around a wondrous new world and shown wonders Dante set a high literary standard for this format around the beginning of the 14th century Utopian novels employ this method, and they are a drag In science fiction from about the same tame as Silverberg s novel there is Theodore Sturgeon s Venus Plus X, a silly and tedious book Nothing much can happen in these stories, if they are s...

  4. says:

    Clay awakens naked and alone in a strange world of magnificent color, sound, scent and life He meets Hanmer, recognizably human in form but hairless, golden green skinned, able to change sex and travel astrally around the solar system Clay s not in Kansas any.Hanmer is a human from the distant future, a Son of Man Clay has been transported through something called a time flux to Hanmer s time, alongside other, often startling variations of humanity He enjoys intense new experiences, yet feels like a primitive.But why has he been brought here A writer of pulp sci fi and pornography in the 1950s and early 60s, Silverberg reinvented himself thereafter as a ambitious writer, freeing his imagination LSD assisted and unashamedly indulging in all manor of lyrical flights of fancy.He never abandoned the sex though Far from it In the first twenty pages of this book Clay has sex with himself, Hanmer who becomes a fe...

  5. says:

    Silverberg must have ingested a combination of LSD and Ecstasy prior to writing this book Clay, our 20th century human narrator, is captured by the time flux never explained and deposited in the far, far future how far don t know where he meanders around having intercourse both philosophical and sexual with future versions of humanity on a future version of earth This could have been interesting except for the stream of consciousness writing style and the utter and complete lack of plot I tried to read this once before and just couldn t get through it This time I ended up pretty much skim reading the second half, just to see if possibly it might get better as well as to ensure I never have to try to read it again There are some interesting philosophical gems, but I just couldn t get into it Maybe someone with experience with mood altering chemicals might find it a bit to their liking A quote from page 96 seems to sum up Though he transcends these difficulties, he is pert...

  6. says:

    A psychedelic far future romp, in which a modern man plays the part of the atavistic primitive, transported to a world that is barely recognizable as Earth The protagonist s guides are the jovial humanoid Skimmers , who invite him to participate in their cosmos shaking sex rituals as they travel across the earth, along the way experiencing changes in sex and species, encountering several descendant species of humanity, and the bizarre zones , places that distill the experiences Slow, O...

  7. says:

    By far the worst Robert Silverberg book.The premise is intriguing enough man from our time finds himself,via time vortex,in the very distant future,but the executionNothing works in this novel.Silverberg s otherwise brilliant style here reads like some postmodernist nightmare.Plot i...

  8. says:

    A surrealistic look at the future, SF on LSD.

  9. says:

    Leyendo el libro de entrevistas a Silverberg de Zinos Amaro, me sorprendi su recuerdo de esta novela, un tanto vilipendiada por las personas con las que hab a hablado de ella Entiendo ese orgullo de autor El hijo del hombre mantiene los temas que le preocupaban entre los 60 y los 70 desde una llamativa originalidad en la forma Es una narraci n muy on rica donde un humano despierta en alg n momento del futuro lejano para encontrarse con un planeta sumamente cambiado y unos descendientes que le van a servir de gu a por sus frustraciones y anhelos Mientras conoce a diversos personajes y participa en todo tipo de rituales, a cada cual m s surrealista, cobran forma la inevitable b squeda de la trascendencia, la pulsi n de muerte individual y como sociedad, la necesidad de comuni n con sus semejantes, el arraigo con un pasado que se ha perdido y nadie parece interesado en recuperar, su habitual temor a la muerteEl relato es fuertemente simb lico y, a ratos, bastante sorprendente Deja al descubierto los miedos y vulnerabilidades de su protagonista en un panorama incierto y en perpetua mutaci n donde su propia sexualidad est abierta al cambio imprevisto Es hasta divertido ver el pavor a tener relaciones con alguien que hab a conocido como hom...

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