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PDF ✩ Fan Fiction and Copyright Author Aaron Schwabach – Bogou.us

Fan Fiction and Copyright As Long As There Have Been Fans, There Has Been Fan Fiction There Seems To Be A Fundamental Human Need To Tell Additional Stories About The Characters After The Book, Series, Play Or Movie Is Over But Developments In Information Technology And Copyright Law Have Put These Fan Stories At Risk Of Collision With The Content Owners Intellectual Property Rights Fan Fiction Has Long Been A Nearly Invisible Form Of Outsider Art, But Over The Past Decade It Has Grown Exponentially In Volume And In Legal Importance Because Of Its Nature, Authorship, And Underground Status, Fan Fiction Stands At An Intersection Of Key Issues Regarding Property, Sexuality, And Gender In Fan Fiction And Copyright, Author Aaron Schwabach Examines Various Types Of Fan Created Content And Asks Whether And To What Extent They Are Protected From Liability For Copyright Infringement Professor Schwabach Discusses Examples Of Original And Fan Works From A Wide Range Of Media, Genres, And Cultures From Sherlock Holmes To Harry Potter, Fictional Characters, Their Authors, And Their Fans Are Sympathetically Yet Realistically Assessed Fan Fiction And Copyright Looks Closely At Examples Of Three Categories Of Disputes Between Authors And Their Fans Disputes Over The Fans Use Of Copyrighted Characters, Disputes Over Online Publication Of Fiction Resembling Copyright Work, And In The Case Of J.K Rowling And A Fansite Webmaster, A Dispute Over The Compiling Of A Reference Work Detailing An Author S Fictional Universe Offering Thorough Coverage Of Many Such Controversies Than Has Ever Been Available Elsewhere, And Discussing Fan Works From The United States, Brazil, China, India, Russia, And Elsewhere, Fan Fiction And Copyright Advances The Understanding Of Fan Fiction As Transformative Use And Points The Way Toward A Safe Harbor For Fan Fiction.

PDF ✩ Fan Fiction and Copyright  Author Aaron Schwabach – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 184 pages
  • Fan Fiction and Copyright
  • Aaron Schwabach
  • English
  • 02 March 2017
  • 9780754679035

    10 thoughts on “PDF ✩ Fan Fiction and Copyright Author Aaron Schwabach – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    Very clear and thorough explanation of how copyright works in relation to written texts Something I think fanfic wwriters should read they have far freedoms than they often think they do Also something writers should read trademark your special creations, ...

  2. says:

    good analysis, lots of great information, but sometimes the tone of the writing and the voice are overly confident for example the assumption that the writers on Wikipedia took from his research when many of these arguments and pieces of the legal research have been around since before I was in ...

  3. says:

    This was actually a really good examination of the complexities of this question And the question is very complex I don t think you have to be an IP lawyer to understand this book, but I do think it helps considerably to be a fan It s a very sympathetic view of this, which can be hard to get.

  4. says:

    A very insightful read on fanfiction and copyright, looking at the rights and wants of both sides Although Schwabach is obviously a fan himself, he does try to show an objective view as possible, showing where there are still ambiguous gaps which will, in the future, need to be resolved.

  5. says:

    I now know way about copyright and intellectual property than I ever thought I would.

  6. says:

    Very interesting Talks about some of the legal issues surrounding fan fiction A little confusing but all in all a valuable source of information

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