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[Ebook] Big Bethel By John V. Quarstein – Bogou.us

Big Bethel The Battle At Big Bethel Church, Known As The Civil War S First Land Battle, Was A Baptism Of Fire For A Nation Newly Torn Apart By Civil War Northern And Southern Soldiers Alike Could Not Imagine How Fiery Passions And Technological Advances Would Collide Into America S Bloodiest War, All Beginning That Hot, Cloudless Day At Bethel, As The Shells Burst Among The Smartly Clad Zouaves Here, The War Saw Its First Friendly Fire Incident, The Death Of The First West Point Graduate, The Death Of The First Confederate Infantryman And The First Confederate Victory Join Award Winning Historian John Quarstein As He Details The Story Of The June 10, 1861 Battle, When Soldiers First Realized That The War Would Not Be Filled With Glorious Parades But Rather Desperate Struggles To Decide The Fate Of The Nation

[Ebook] Big Bethel  By John V. Quarstein – Bogou.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Big Bethel
  • John V. Quarstein
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9781609493547

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    We were down in Yorktown this spring, touring the lower Virginia Peninsula, and in the Casement Museum of Fortress Monroe, I saw this book on the shelf I d read Quarstein s The Monitor Boys, and so I chose his book on the Battle of Big Bethel over a couple of other possibilities, and put it on my unread bookshelf Which, of course, is two bookcases, plus 8 stacks that occupy the top of two file cabinets, and threaten to hurt me every time I file something I m slowly reading through Mary Chesnut, and her references to Big Bethel reminded me that I had a book on that I pulled it down and read through it.The key to this review is that I learned some things, especially in the bios of Magruder and Butler that pad out what would really be a pamphlet without them Magruder s interest in shows and theatrics was something that hadn t been brought to my attention but it foreshadows a subject beyond this book, which is his extended bluff of McClellan He put on a show for the Union scouts, pretending to have a much larger force, and many cannon, than he actually had This included having single units pretend to be five units, using buglers and drummers to stand in for an entire unit, the building of props, yep, the whole theatrical panoply of devices.Butler is too well known as the guy who could have attacked Richmond on any given day for several years, and couldn t pull the trigger But the original Butler was the guy who made quick, decisive...

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    I think the material pertaining to this engagement might perhaps be better suited for a magazine article rather than a book It seemed as if there was a lot of filler here lots of illustrations, and also biographical sketches that w...

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    A nice overview of events lead to the first land action of the Civil War at Big Bethel, a battle that rarely gets a detailed examination However, this book suffers heavily from a lack of maps Aside from some indecipherable hand drawn sketches copied from the partici...

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